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Richeson Art.

RICHESON ART's Professional Presses can be used for a variety of printmaking techniques, including linoleum block printing, collagraph printing, engraving, etching and monoprinting. These professional-grade presses are manufactured using quality parts and craftsmanship. They are rock- solid with heavy castings, solid steel rollers and micro-pressure gauges. Available in the 11-inch "Baby Press Package," 13-inch "Small Press Package with Stand," 19-inch "Medium Press Package with Stand" and the 23-inch "Large Press Package with Stand." Call (800) 233-2404 for the school supplier nearest you, visit online or circle No. 396 on the Arts & Activities Reader Service Card for more details.

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Title Annotation:shop talk
Publication:Arts & Activities
Date:Nov 1, 2006
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