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Richards starts his morning by smoking a joint; Rocker, 71, still loves getting Stoned.


HELLRAISER Keith Richards has revealed he still often kickstarts his day smoking cannabis - aged 71.

The Rolling Stones guitar legend told how he has been unable to kick his weed habit despite giving up his other vices.

He admitted: "I smoke regularly, an early morning joint. Strictly Californian."

Rocker Keith told MOJO magazine: "One of the most pleasant things to watch is a map of America [showing States where cannabis is legal], where it goes green... green... green. Whether it's a good thing in the long run, I don't know."

Speaking in 2010, Keith claimed he had "given up everything now" after a lifetime spent taking drugs. He quit heroin in 1978 after his fifth arrest, and cocaine in 2006 after he fell from a tree in Fiji and needed brain surgery.

On quitting coke, he said previously: "You're like, 'I've got the message, oh Lord'. I've given up everything now - which is a trip in itself. I'm just waiting for them to invent something more interesting I'm all ready to road test it when they do."

Asked if he still drank, he said: "I like to keep my hand in."

Keith said in his autobiography Life that he believes the secret to his longevity is that the drugs he took were of high quality.

He wrote: "I'd never put more in to get a little higher.

"It's the greed involved that never really affected me. People think once they've got this high, if they take some more they're going to get a little higher.

"There's no such thing - especially with cocaine. Maybe that's a measure of control and I'm rare in that respect."

In the interview, he also claimed he went easy on Stones pal Mick Jagger, 72, in his book - despite Keith saying his bandmate had a "tiny todger".

Keith said: "Mick called me and said, 'I have to talk to you'. A few things rankled with him but I then produced the pages I'd blue-pencilled out. 'Look, you're getting off lightly,' I said. Mick and I joust with each other all the time."



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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 27, 2015
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