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Richard R. Schrader. (Balance Sheet).

Name: Rich

Title: Executive Vice President and CFO

Company: Parsons Brinckerhoff Inc.

Industry: A $1 billion-plus (in revenue) engineering and construction firm specializing in transportation engineering and large project management. Founded in 1885. Its founder, William Barclay Parsons, was the engineer/promoter of New York's first subway system. One current project, the "Big Dig," is a $14 billion reconstruction of the expressway through downtown Boston.

Born: Mannington, W.Va., Jan. 23, 1950

Spouse: Eileen

Children: Allison, 26; Susanne, 22

Education Summary: BS, U.S. Military Academy at West Point, 1972; MA, The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, 1976; MBA, Long Island University, 1983; Registered Professional Engineer

Career History Summary: 1972-80, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, unit commander, battalion staff officer for engineer construction units in Hawaii and Germany; 1980-83, instructor/assistant professor in international relations and engineering economics for West Point Department of Social Sciences; 1983, Parsons Brinckerhoff, assistant to CEO; 1986, promoted to VP Finance (controllership, real estate and IT functions); 1989, SVP (HR and other administrative areas); 1991, elected to parent board; 1997, EVP (note that IT and HR now report to the CEO). Currently chair, stock option and risk management committees.

FEI Chapter: New York City Chapter; president 1999-00; Chair of FEI National Ethics and Admission Eligibility Committee, 2001-02.

Leisure Pursuits: "Hiking: There is nothing more exhilarating than the view from the top of a mountain -- even a small one -- and within one-hour of New York City, there are great hiking places, making escaping for a day easy; I find this a great stress reliever. Favorites: Delaware Water Gap/Appalachian Trail in northwestern NJ. and southern N.Y. and Harriman State Park. With my daughters, I've hiked the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia, and Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Birding: I try to steal a couple of hours to go to local "hot spots" when traveling, and N.J. has some of the world's best sites, due to its location on the Atlantic migration route, and its variety of habitat. My best single trip: a charter boat with the Nova Scotia Bird Society across the Bay of Fundy, which has some of the world's greatest tidal changes. Staving off seasickness, I viewed many pelagic species and three species of whale, including the extremely rare North Atlantic right whale.

Cooking: A new hobby. My best achievement to date was a crown roast (complete with booties), apple-sausage stuffing and potatoes Gruyere, for a family group of 12.

Golf: Under the old dog, new tricks category, I started recently and realized it needs more time than I can give it right now."

Stress Management: "At least once weekly, for three hours I engage in an escape activity -- birding, hiking, reading. And at least every other day I exercise. I jog a couple of miles, and in colder weather, I retreat to the local "Y" for Nautilus or aerobic activities -- rowing, biking and stair-master. Commuting and business travel make regular exercise difficult to fit in; discipline is needed."

Favorite recent hook: "Undaunted Courage, by Stephen Ambrose. Selected because of his account of the Lewis and Clark expedition combining intrigue, adventure, character development and economic/political history."

Favorite Deal: "In 1993, I chaired the relocation effort for the company's $90 million lease deal for New York City office space. It was a very complicated market, and we wound up with an average of $22 per square foot for 15 years; the space now goes for $55 per square foot. This included both a separate sub-metering for electricity -- we're the only tenant in a major building with this -- and a sales tax credit deal from New York City worth $4 million. Our technical and financial team scoured sites in New York City and N.J. for two years. The company move came at the same time as the conversion of our MIS to Oracle, which was also my responsibility. This, too, was accomplished without much of a hitch!"
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