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Richard Hattwick: Founder and editor of the Journal of socio-economics. (Editorial).

Richard Hattwick has been the one and only editor of the Journal of Socio-Economics. Known as the Journal of Behavioral Economics from 1971 through 1990, the JSE is now in its 30th year. Richard has been devoted to JSE for thirty years. This, in itself, is an accomplishment. But, Richard founded and developed an academic journal from a university (Western Illinois University) without a Ph.D. program, and a very, very small budget.

I've spent some time at WIU with Richard and have worked with him since 1983. Richard and JSE gave support to behavioral economics research during its growth spurt during the early 1980s, the "Benny Gilad-Stan Kaish-Early SABE Years." Richard and JSE supported behavioral--socio-economics research during the late 1980s--early 1990s, the "Amitai Etzioni-Early SASE Years."

During the mid-1990s, Richard and JSE supported the expansion of socio-economics into law school curriculum through his association with the newly organized Law and Socio-Economic section of the Association of American Schools of Law.

JSE is now published by Elsevier Science. Before that, it was published by JAI Press, and before that, for fifteen years, Richard self-published JSE from Western Illinois University. The one constant throughout the past 30 years has been Richard Hattwick and his vision of what economics can be, and what an academic economics should be.

Richard sees economics as valuable in itself, but part of a larger whole, encompassing psychology, sociology, and economics. He also sees economics as an academic and practical discipline which studies human behavior in the course of everyday life. This puts him in very good company--Herbert Simon, Harvey Leibenstein, and Alfred Marshall, to name three very prominent examples. As editor, he always looked for research which offered an interdisciplinary approach to standard economic problems. He always looked for research which had practical applications for economists and others. He didn't always find it, but he always looked. He has always been there to support a broader vision of economics. The one constant over the past thirty years in behavioral socio-economics has been Richard Hattwick and his vision of economics.

The Richard Hattwick I have known and worked with for almost twenty years is unassuming, self-deprecating, a person of few words. Yes, Richard is an oddity. He has provided us all a great service, and all of us are indebted to him. Yet, he asks for nothing in return. However, he has one wish: to live long enough to see the Chicago Cubs win the World Series!

The new editor of JSE is Morris Altman. There were several obvious candidates, but Morris was Richard's top choice, and I concur. In the hands of Morris Altman, associate editor John Tomer, the editorial board they have assembled, and Elsevier Science, JSE has a bright future.

Roger Frantz

Economics Department,

San Diego State University,

San Diego, CA 92182, USA

E-mail address.

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Author:Frantz, Roger
Publication:The Journal of Socio-Economics
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Date:Nov 1, 2001
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