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Richard Buller, VP at Pfizer, to Give a Keynote at GTCbio's Biomarker Summit Europe 2016.

Berlin, Germany, July 10, 2016 --( Richard E. Buller, Vice President of Oncology, Clinical Development & Head of Global Product Development at Pfizer will give a keynote presentation on, "Feedback Loops Between Biomarkers and Targeted Agents in Clinical Trials and Beyond: Lessons from Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK+) Driven Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)" at GTCbio's Biomarker Summit Europe 2016 to be held on October 5-7, 2016 in Berlin, Germany.

Utilizing public data from the development of multiple ALK inhibitors and the performance characteristics of multiple diagnostic tests for disease relevant biomarkers, Richard Buller will discuss how opportunities for the advancement of regulatory science have evolved and come to fruition in both the drug and diagnostic spaces.

The summit will address the latest developments in the biomarker arena from discovery to translation to commercialization. Presentations span across multiple disciplines and cover topics such as discovery and validation strategies, the challenges of clinical translation, novel technologies including next-generation sequencing, companion diagnostics, the health economics value of biomarkers, reimbursement environment, and perspective on cell free biomarkers for disease diagnostics. Scientific data, case studies and discussions will be facilitated by key representatives from pharma, biotech, academia and the public sector.

Biomarker Summit Europe 2016 consists of four conferences:

10th Biomarkers in Drug Discovery & Development

I. Biomarker Discovery & Identification Strategies

II. Biomarkers from Qualification to Validation

III. Biomarkers of Translational Medicine: Safety, PK/PD, & Efficacy

IV. Biomarkers in Personalized Medicine

V. Big Data Analytics for Biomarkers Development

5th Biomarkers in Diagnostics

I. Novel Diagnostic Technologies

II. New Diagnostic Biomarkers & Their Development

III. Companion Diagnostics Development & Commercialization

IV. Joint Session: Clinical Utility of Diagnostic & Screening Biomarkers

V. Joint Session: Health Economics Value of Biomarkers & Reimbursement Environment

VI. Joint Session: Regulatory Considerations in Clinical Dx

Biomarkers in Clinical Development & Clinical Trials

I. Joint Session: Clinical Utility of Diagnostic & Screening Biomarkers

II. Joint Session: Health Economics Value of Biomarkers & Reimbursement Environment

III. Joint Session: Regulatory Considerations in Clinical Dx

IV. Clinical Trials & Developments

V. Biomarkers & Surrogate Endpoints for Clinical Trials

Cell-Free Biomarkers

I. Circulating Biomarkers Overview

II. Cell-free DNA & RNA Technologies & Their Platforms

III. Clinical Applications of Cell-Free DNA & RNA in Disease Diagnosis & Management

IV. New Developments in Cell-Free Biomarkers

V. Exosomes in Diagnosis, Treatment, & Disease Management

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Date:Jul 10, 2016
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