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Ways to support Filipino farmers during--and beyond--the National Rice Awareness Month. Nov 8, 2021 822
From binhi to bigas: the laypersons' guide to the rice production process (Part 2). Editorial May 14, 2021 807
Social entrepreneur partners with farmers in a bid to decipher the rice supply chain. May 9, 2021 1724
From binhi to bigas: The laypersons' guide to the rice production process (Part 1). Editorial May 7, 2021 685
AI-driven drone revolutionizes rice farming; Bayer seeding demo shows. Nov 29, 2020 1084
Rice suffering from heat stress at risk of sterility. Nov 21, 2020 595
Itik production and management, part 1: Benefits of integrated rice-duck farming. Oct 19, 2020 738
Itik production and management, part 2: Proper feeds and housing requirements. Oct 19, 2020 874
Rice farmers disappointed RCEF failed to lower costs. Aug 11, 2020 567
Artificial Neural Network to Estimate the Paddy Yield Prediction Using Climatic Data. Amaratunga, Vinushi; Wickramasinghe, Lasini; Perera, Anushka; Jayasinghe, Jeevani; Rathnayake, Upaka Report Jul 31, 2020 5861
100-hectare farm in La Union readied for Community Hybrid Rice Farming project. Jul 13, 2020 613
KERNELS OF TRUTH: Level up your rice game with a seasonal rice subscription. Sep 1, 2019 305
Modeling Technical Efficiency With Production Risk: A breakdown of Kebbi State rice farms. Kara, Abubakar H.; Shamsudin, Mad N.; Muhamed, Zainalabidin; Latif, Ismail Abd; Seng, Kelly W.K.; Ab Report Jul 1, 2019 4617
Effectiveness of Irrigation Water Distribution System in Enhancing Rice Cropping Index at Subak Padanggalak, Kedewatan Irrigation Area, Bali. Dewi, Ratna Komala; Panning, Nyoman; Widyantara, I. Wayan Report Apr 1, 2019 3605
Engaging students in global engineering problems: flooded rice fields during water shortages: Connecting students with these types of real-world issues that affect and impact many individuals on a daily basis can be motivating, educational, and engaging. Haney, Casey Lynn; Bartholomew, Scott; Hauck, Morgan; Price, Alexandria Mar 1, 2019 1856
Correlations and path analysis for yield components in irrigated rice. Streck, Eduardo Anibele; Aguiar, Gabriel Almeida; Facchinello, Paulo Henrique Karling; Perin, Lais; Report Apr 1, 2018 4134
Then and Now: Campaigns to Achieve Rice Self-Sufficiency in Indonesia. Davidson, Jamie S. Report Apr 1, 2018 10956
Growth efficiency, productivity and economics of direct seeded rice as influenced by nitrogen level and weed management. Tiwari, R.K.; Mahajan, Gaurav; Jha, Amit; Singh, S.K.; Tripathi, S.K. Report Jun 1, 2017 2614
Effect of weed management practices on yield and economics of semidry rice. Hemalatha, K.; Ramana, A.V; Bisen, Neelam; Rani, Meena Report Jun 1, 2017 3715
Research highlights. Apr 1, 2017 1852
Wh(r)i(c)t(e)e, or, Threshing/White/Rice. Shin, Sun Yung Poem Dec 22, 2016 394
Managing water levels in rice paddies to conserve the itasenpara host mussel Unio douglasiae nipponensis. Nishio, Masaki; Tanaka, Hitoshi; Tanaka, Daisuke; Kawakami, Ryosuke; Edo, Kaneaki; Yamazaki, Yuji Report Dec 1, 2016 4760
Analysis of the technical efficiency of organic rice in Tasikmalaya Regency Indonesia. Nuraini, Candra; Darwanto, Dwidjono H.; Masyhuri; Jamhari Report Oct 1, 2016 4141
RICE-FISH CULTURE AND ITS MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES. Zain, Muhammad; Khan, Dr. Imran; Akhter, Kamran Report Oct 11, 2015 895
Engro gives advanced tech tranings to farmers. Brief article Aug 16, 2015 207
Nitrogen fertilizer management strategies for rice production in Bangladesh. Choudhury, Abu Turab Mohammad Ali; Saleque, Mohammad Abu; Zaman, Shafiuddin Kaisar; Bhuiyan, Nurul I Report Nov 1, 2013 5059
Supplementing Herbicides with Manual Weeding Improves Weed Control Efficiency, Growth and Yield of Direct Seeded Rice. Khaliq, Abdul; Matloob, Amar; Ihsan, Muhammad Zahid; Abbas, Rana Nadeem; Aslam, Zubair; Rasool, Fahd Report Apr 30, 2013 4078
Compounds in whole-grain rice varieties. Bliss, Rosalie Marion Apr 1, 2013 1051
Bangladesh Tackles Climate Change, Fuses Rice Paddies With Fish Farms. Brief article Mar 4, 2013 162
Arthropod biodiversity and community structures of organic rice ecosystems in Guangdong province, China. Zhang, Jie; Zheng, Xue; Jian, Hu; Qin, Xiaowa; Yuan, Fenghui; Zhang, Runjie Report Mar 1, 2013 4592
Global trade tradeoff: rickettsial disease in Taiwan. Levy, Sharon Report Dec 1, 2012 1068
Pak scientist develops highest yielding rice strain. Brief article Nov 25, 2012 213
Prospective plantings. Brief article Apr 9, 2012 166
Can Danilo Atilano feed the world? Broad, Robin; Cavanagh, John Jan 1, 2012 2643
PARBOIL RICE PROCESSING UNIT - IV (IAR 162). Report Jun 30, 2011 4502
Superbad. Jun 22, 2011 377
Japan's resilience is amazing: supporting Africa's rice research at this time! Oniang'o, Ruth Editorial May 1, 2011 936
The traditional decision-making process of Berkaul in Tanjung Emas, West Sumatra: its nature and significance. Uker, Damres; Fanany, Rebecca Report Apr 1, 2011 5158
Rice field drainage affects nitrogen dynamics and management. Linquist, Bruce A.; Koffler, Kaden; Hill, Jim E.; van Kessel, Chris Report Apr 1, 2011 4051
Exotic rice: forbidden no more. Mar 22, 2011 1443
Cultivating rice and votes: the institutional origins of agricultural protectionism in Japan. Horiuchi, Yusaku; Saito, Jun Report Sep 1, 2010 11314
Use of organic amendments to improve chemical properties and crop yield in degraded typic haplustult in South Eastern Nigeria. Ogbodo, E.N.; Ekpe, I.I.; Utobo, E.B. Report Sep 1, 2009 4261
Saudi investors to launch $1 billion Africa rice farming plan. Aug 9, 2009 514
Health consequences of rural women's productive role in agriculture in the Philippines and other developing countries. Chiong-Javier, Ma. Elena Report May 1, 2009 7958
Massive rice project. Brief article May 1, 2009 116
The use of safety devices in adoption of agro-chemicals by rice farmers in Obafemi-Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State. Kuponiyi, F.A.; Adewale, J.G. Report Dec 1, 2008 3254
Wild race mania: native grain feeds families through a world war and the great depression. Jenkins, Amy L. Nov 1, 2008 855
'Dryland' rice farmers reap high-rainfall yields. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 264
Outflanking the Laotian rice thieves: CSIRO scientists' research on mouse plagues in the Australian wheat belt is helping farmers in Asia reduce rice losses and other damage from local rodents. Their cunning trap barrier system is not only cheap, simple and deadly, it also greatly reduces the environmental impacts of rodenticide. Taylor, Robin Feb 1, 2007 1119
Small difference factored big in rice domestication. Brief article Mar 18, 2006 229
Inside Asia's rice revolution. Mogg, Richard Dec 1, 2005 2578
Targeting cultivars onto rice growing environments using AMMI and SREG GGE biplot analyses. Samonte, Stanley Omar P.B.; Wilson, Lloyd T.; McClung, Anna M.; Medley, James C. Nov 1, 2005 6444
Carbon isotope discrimination accurately reflects variability in WUE measured at a whole plant level in rice. Impa, S.M.; Nadaradjan, S.; Boominathan, P.; Shashidhar, G.; Bindumadhava, H.; Sheshshayee, M.S. Nov 1, 2005 3818
Methane maker: method gets to root of gas from rice paddies. Perkins, S. Aug 13, 2005 449
Genetically modified rice benefits health of Chinese farmers. Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 217
Registration of 'Improved Purple Marker' rice germplasm. Gravois, K.A.; Moldenhauer, K.A.K.; Lee, F.N. May 1, 2005 866
Registration of nine indica germplasms of rice. Rutger, J.N.; Bryant, R.J.; Bernhardt, J.L.; Gibbons, J.W. May 1, 2005 2113
Grain drain. Mills, Julie Taylor Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 104
Cytokinin effects on ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase and nitrogen partitioning in rice during ripening. Ookawa, Taiichiro; Naruoka, Yukiko; Sayama, Ayumi; Hirasawa, Tadashi Nov 1, 2004 6646
Influence of diazotrophic inoculations on nitrogen nutrition of rice. Das, A.C.; Saha, D. Dec 15, 2003 3544
Tip of the rice berg. (consuming choices). Lander, Dan Jun 1, 2003 552
High-yielding rice cultivars perform best even at reduced nitrogen fertilizer rate. (Crop Ecology, Management & Quality). Hasegawa, Hiroshi May 1, 2003 5232
Simulating the effectiveness of surface film on water evaporation and ammonia volatilisation. Zhuang, S.Y.; Yin, B.; Zhu, Z.L. Dec 1, 2002 2306
Effect of soil pH and zinc on rice cultivars in Missouri. Horn, Justin Jan 1, 2002 2865
Wet rice cultivation and the Kayanic peoples of East Kalimantan: some possible factors explaining their preference for dry rice cultivation (1). (Research Notes). Okushima, Mika Jan 1, 1999 12399
Alokasi lahan optimal untuk calon transmigran pada pengembangan padi dengan pola sawit dupa di lahan rawa satu juta hektar di Kalimantan Tengah. (Abstracts). Abstract Jan 1, 1999 218

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