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Rice Lake Weighing Systems: company profile.


Global Leadership, Small Town Values. The REAL Advantage ...

They say balance is important to good living, and here in Rice Lake, Wisconsin we couldn't agree more. For over 50 years now, there has been one Saturday a year that, aside from a couple of "good samaritans" staying back to ship product, our plant is completely quiet. It's our annual family picnic, and most of our employees and their families gather to enjoy the day. But come Monday morning, ball game injuries and all, we're right back to supplying businesses around the world with the best weighing products and services our industry has to offer.

In an age of shorter work weeks, longer lunches, voice mail and "time management," we at Rice Lake Weighing Systems still believe that our livelihood depends on meeting your needs, not ours. We work hard at improving. We continuously challenge technology norms to develop meaningful advancements. But while we push the technological edge, an old-fashioned work ethic prevails. Our people care. We think you'll realize the first time you do business with Rice Lake just what we mean by ... the REAL advantage.


Quality Manufacturing

We built our reputation as the foremost supplier of precision measurement products and services by staying on the razor's edge of technology. Our state-of-the-art calibration lab is among the nation's leading NVLAP accredited facilities. It's designed and regulated to achieve a highly controlled environment for calibrating and certifying weights with extremely low uncertainty. All classes of existing and new weights undergo testing for magnetic field strength and can be treated to reduce the properties that can cause inconsistent weight measurements.

Our experienced staff continually strives to provide customers with quality calibration services without the wait. Not only do we offer calibration and traceable certification to comply with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 and ISO/IEC 17025, we'll help you determine the appropriate documentation for your needs. Strict adherence to our exacting standards and an unequalled dedication to customer service means all products and services from Rice Lake Weighing Systems will be right the first time, every time.

Our Precision Measurement and Metrology Division is globally recognized as a leader and pioneer in the field of weights and measures. We are very active in research and development and work closely with government agencies to improve standards in the field of mass measurement. We are currently one of the largest manufacturers of precision test weights and mass standards in the United States, and our calibration labs help customers all over the world keep their scales and precision balances in tolerance.


Expansive Weight Selection

From 1mg to 5000 lbs, Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers the largest selection of individual weights and sets that conform to NIST, ASTM and OIML specifications, including precision laboratory, industrial, specialty and cast iron weights. We also understand that standard product doesn't always meet your needs. We can design weights to fit your specific application, and guarantee fast turnaround on all custom weight designs regardless of size, shape, material or tolerance requirements.

Precision Weighing Solutions

As the largest supplier of balances, we offer models from leading manufacturers, including our own Rice Lake brand. Utilizing a revolutionary double ended tuning fork sensor, Rice Lake balances deliver a level of speed, precision and durability far beyond that of conventional balances. To ensure you find just the right model to fit your needs, we continually update our selection of toploading, analytical, moisture analysis, and filter weighing models. Our most recent addition is from Shimadzu, a leader in scientific technology for more than a century. This full line features Windows' Direct, an on-board software technology that allows direct communication with Windows' data management programs. We also offer products from: * Sartorius * Ohaus * Acculab * Shimadzu

With our unique global distribution and service network, you can be confident that wherever you do business, Rice Lake Weighing Systems' factory-trained experience is close by. No other weighing equipment manufacturer offers the advantage of over 2000 authorized distributors around the world.


At Rice Lake Weighing Systems, our number-one priority is customer satisfaction. Our application specialists are available from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. CST to answer questions and ensure orders are shipped the same day they're received.

Yes, balance is important. But be assured that when you do business with us, you're working with a partner who will always tip the scales in your favor.

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