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Rice, 2 vols.

RICE - Vol 1 PRODUCTION 439 pages with index. Price: 75.50 [pounds]. Vol 2 UTILIZATION 413 pages with index. Price: 75.50 [pounds]. 2nd edition. Edited by Bor S Luh. (UK: Chapman and Hall)

As most readers will appreciate, rice is one of the principal cereals grown in the world, and it provides nourishment for countless millions of its inhabitants. As this is the case, the improvement in nutrition of those same millions is very much tied up with the development of better rice varieties and improved methods of production and utilization.

Back in 1980 the first edition of this text was published but, such has been the amount of literature that has become available in the intervening years, the book now comes as a two volume set. A new chapter has been added to cover weed management but it is safe to say that the various authors have set out a very wide canvass to cover the rice business.

In the first volume concerning the production of rice, thirteen authors have assisted the editor in preparing the various chapters. The eleven chapters published carry titles: Overview and prospects of rice production; Rice plant growth and development; Genetics and breeding; Rice culture; Rice diseases; Insect pests of rice; Insect pests of stored rice; Weed management; Harvest, drying and storage of rough rice; Milling; and Properties of the rice caryopsis. Immediately, one can see this text provides a lot of information about the subject cereal. This volume does not lend itself to illustration but it features tables and graphs, and a lot of references to further reading.

The remaining volume involves a further ten authors and the editor again. Its chapter titles run: Introduction; Rice flours and baking; Rice enrichment with vitamins and amino acids; Parboiled rice; Rice quality and grades; Quick-cooking rice; Canning, freezing and freeze-drying; Breakfast rice cereals and baby foods; Fermented rice products; Rice snackfoods; Rice vinegar through acetification of rice wine; Rice hulls; Rice oil; Rice bran - chemistry and technology; Nutritional quality of rice endosperm. Being a second edition, the opportunity has been taken to update this whole subject area with all the latest information. So wide-ranging in this text that it is almost a 'must' for all those with an interest in rice either as a crop or as a product for further processing.
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Date:Jan 1, 1992
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