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Rica Peralejo's newborn babe delivered by homebirth.

Actress Rica Peralejo has given birth at home without using medication.

In an Instagram post, she shared it took her 25 hours before the newest addition to her family of three---husband of nine-years Joseph Bonifacio and five-year-old son Philip---finally came out on June 9.

"I cannot wait to tell you all our birth story. Let me just say that it was a miracle to actually do homebirth, vbac (vaginal birth after caesarian), and to remain completely unmedicated all throughout the labor," she wrote, attached with the photo of the newborn they call Baby Manu.

She admitted thinking of quitting along the way but continued to find the strength to see it through.

Rica later posted another photo showing the behind-the-scenes after giving birth.

"How can I not shed tears if it had to take five years, 38 weeks of praying God will sustain him, 25 hours of labor before I can finally have this boy? His papa, kuya, and I, have longed for him deeply," she wrote.

Joseph took to Facebook to express his feelings.

"I'm so amazed at my wife for digging down deep at the 23rd hour to find the energy and stamina to push even more," his post read in part.

"It was definitely God carrying her all throughout. Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness. Manu was 8.8 pounds at birth. His names mean 'God with Us' and 'God Who Heals' as a reminder of our journey with him."

To those wondering why the couple opted for childbirth the traditional way, perhaps clues can be gleaned from Rica's post on Facebook last June 6. That post shows the documentary of Jessicca Moore about the "risks and rewards of different birth settings" via "Why Not Home?" published in Vimeo two years ago. Rica shared the clip on International Homebirth Day.


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Title Annotation:Entertainment
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Date:Jun 10, 2019
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