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Ribena first with re-cap.

SmithKline Beecham scored a double first with their national launch this month of Ribena Blackcurrant and Ribena Light in the new Tetra Pak 1000ml Slim carton with ReCap.

This is the first world use of a one litre Slim carton with Re-Cap. The slimmer shape makes it easier for the consumer to handle and the first global use of the Re-Cap device gives easier openability, better pouring and recloseability. "The introduction of these new packs by SmithKline Beecham stems from the close relationship that has been maintained between Tetra Pak and SmithKline Beecham", said Ulf Brassen, managing director of Tetra Pak Ltd.

The key factor in this new pack is customer convenience. The taller, slimmer dimensions of the Tetra Pak TBA 1000ml carton make it easier to handle. Display area on the carton is 13 percent larger than the standard one litre pack, yet it requires 14 percent less shelf space. The tall, slender shape and eye-catching printing surface make it easy for the consumer to pick out on the shelf. The Re-Cap opening consists of a recloseable plastics cap placed over a folded foil strip, which is tamper-evident. When the foil strip is pulled back, a pear-shaped opening is revealed, which acts both as a vent and, together with the Re-Cap, an easy-to-pour drip-free lip.

This new one litre Slim pack has better pouring geometry so that the two innovations together combine to give the customer a carton designed for easy, drip-free pouring, that can be reclosed after use.

"We believe SmithKline Beecham have a real winner with 1000 slim and Re-Cap", added Mr Brassen. "It is a pack that stands out on the shelf and has distinctive consumer advantages".

Filling takes place on a new TBA/8 litre Slim machine at a speed of 6000 packs per hour. The new PT-10 pull-tab closure is applied by a special add-on unit on the filling machine. This punches a hole in the packaging material, applies a plastics patch on the inside to cover the hole, and then places the aluminium pull-tab on the outside surface. The Re-Cap plastics cap is applied to the package after it leaves the filling machine by a separate add-on unit, their on-line Re-Cap Applicator Type 75.

Downstream of the filling machine, Tetra Pak have also introduced another new machine to ensure these packs reach the retail premises in optimum condition. This is a wrap-around box machine, a Type 70 Board Wrapper, which allows distribution in boxes of 12 one litre cartons.
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Title Annotation:SmithKline Beecham PLC's Ribena Blackcurrant and Ribena Light fruit drinks
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Jan 1, 1994
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