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Riachy says rejection of corruption, political feudalism shall continue despite many battles.

Download Riachy says rejection of corruption, political feudalism shall continue despite many battles NNA - Information Minister Melhem Riachy vowed Saturday that the Lebanese Forces shall pursue its entrusted march against corruption and political feudalism in the country despite facing many battles, noting that "the state we are trying to build is for all of us and not for one team against another." "We will build our state together. There is great hope that we will reach the state of state despite all risks, dangers, and negative indications around us," he added. Riachy's words came during a dialogue session organized by the Lebanese Forces' Beirut branch on the influence of political alliances on upcoming parliamentary elections. He described the new electoral law as "good and fair, as it restores the rights of Christians and will allow all sects to be represented." However, he considered that citizens should improve their choice of representatives in Parliament. "Lebanon has endured and continues to shoulder the burdens of over two million displaced Syrians on its land because it is authentic. Lebanon, the role model for the East, is the one that exists today. Lebanon is a model that all countries in the region are trying to resemble," highlighted Riachy. "Today, Lebanon has become a sign of coexistence between Christians and Muslims, a sign of protection by the decision of the state, and the state, despite the impurities we live in, has become a milestone for victory in the future," he underscored. =================== R.Sh.

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Publication:National News Agency Lebanon (NNA)
Date:Aug 5, 2017
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