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Rhythm and rhyme: a few selections to help youngsters celebrate poetry month.

The Entrance Place of Wonders: Poems of the Harlem Renaissance

Selected by Daphne Muse illustrated by Charlotte Riley-Webb Abrams, February 2006 $16.95, ISBN 0-810-95997-6 Ages 5-9

This collection features the works of Countee Cullen, Jessie Fauset, Claude McKay and other poets who lived during Harlem's heyday. The book also includes a brief biography of writers, as well as bold, full-page drawings.

Jimi and Me by Jaime Adoff Jump at the Sun, September 2005 $15.99, ISBN 0-786-85214-3 With chapters written entirely in short poems, Adoff's lyrical book tells of a boy who deals with the death of his father--all through the music of Jimi Hendrix.

... It wasn't supposed to be like this. / Dad always took care of everything. Made sure everything was straight. / He wouldn't have left us like this. No money/no house#no life. I know. / something isn't right.

Jazz A B Z: An A to Z Collection of Jazz Portraits by Wynton Marsalis, illustrated by Paul Rogers, Candlewick Press, October 2005 $24.99, ISBN 0-763-62135-8

Marsalis translates his smooth flow from horn to paper with the smart jazz primer. On Sonny Rollins:

Rollins's robust style radiates roundness. On raucous rhythms or sweet romances Sonny resoundingly responds, Raging rhapsodic on regular songs Rendered swimmingly. And he rarely rests.

The retro-style illustrations by Paul Rogers lend the perfect rift of cool to an already cool subject.

Poetry for Young People: Langston Hughes Edited by David Roessel and Arnold Rampersad. Illustrated by Benny Andrews Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., April 2006 $14.95, ISBN 1-402-71845-4

The Negro Speaks of Rivers and The Weary Blues, two timeless verses written by one of America's greatest poets, are accompanied by the vibrant artwork of a renowned painter.

Visiting Langston by Willie Perdomo Illustrated by Bryan Collier Henry Holt and Company, February 2002 $15.95, ISBN 0-805-06744-2 Ages 4-8

A young poet is excited by her first visit to the home of her idol, Langston Hughes. He sat by the window Writing about his trips Across the big sea He could tell you What Africa means to me

Perdomo's book is less about the life of Hughes and more about the writer's impact on the little girl. Collier's art is like a beauful, poetic tapestry

Hush, Little Baby Adapted and illustrated by Brian Pinkney Greenwillow Books/HarperCollins January 2006, $16.99, ISBN 0-060-55993-4 Ages 2 and up

This favorite bedtime lullaby feels like a poetic journey in the hands of Pinkney, whose bright, sunny illustrations make the story feel new and fresh.

The Six Fools: Collected by Zora Neale Hurston

Adapted by Joyce Carol Thomas, illustrated by Ann Tanksley HarperCollins, January 2006 Ages 6 to 10 $15.99, ISBN 0-060-00646-3

This latest adaptation of Hurston's folktales tells the story of a young man who sets off on a colorful journey to see if he can find three people even more foolish than his future bride and in-laws.

Tanksley's illustrations of these characters, a woman who tries to fill her wheelbarrow with sunshine and a farmer who tries to feed his cows on the roof, just to name a few, are spunky and charming.
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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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