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Rhydian's hair to X Factor crown!

RHYDIAN - YOU RAISE ME UP This was the best performance of the night by far. It was great to see him without all his gimmicky sequin suits. We saw the real Rhydian and he absolutely shone. But I'm still not convinced about the hair!

ALESHA - GIRL PUT YOUR RECORDS ON Again, she did the girls proud. I think she's finding her feet now and getting better each week. I actually thought she sang it better than the original version. She looked fierce as usual.

SAME DIFFERENCE - DON'T FEEL LIKE DANCIN' I wasn't convinced with the whole coming on stage on a bicycle part of the performance. But these two pulled the song off either way. People are really starting to love them and they'll be in the show quite a while.

LEON - DANCIN' IN THE MOONLIGHT He's still looking a bit uncomfortable up there. He really peaked with the big band last week and whatever he did it would have been hard to beat. I still think he was pretty awesome and looked cute as always.

NIKI - BECAUSE OF YOU It wasn't my favourite performance of Niki's. I think she was slightly out of her comfort zone and I know she was a bit worried about doing this song. Still, I think she really pulled it off. She sang her heart out as well and did Birmingham proud.

BEVERLEY - BEAUTIFUL I was unsure about this performance. She sang it well but I thought it was a bit boring. She looked superb again and I still think Beverley is going to be on our screens for a while. I don't think she deserved to be in the bottom two this week.

ANDY - CHASING CARS I actually think Andy was probably the right one to go this week. I saw it coming. Each week they've had one leave from each group. It was obviously going to be one of the boys. Even though he's got a beautiful voice and he did sing really well, I thought his performance was slightly boring.

HOPE - BACK TO BLACK I hate that song! I liked the way they stripped everything down to just the vocalists themselves instead of it looking more like panto. Vocally they were great but there's still something about them I dislike.

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'THE BEST PERFORMANCE'... Rhydian - without a gimmicky sequin suit.; 'RIGHT ONE TO GO'... Andy Williams.; 'DOING US PROUD'... Niki Evans.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Nov 12, 2007
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