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Rhombic Corporation To Develop Diamond Semiconductor Materials.

VANCOUVER, B.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 14, 1999--

Rhombic Corporation, OTC-BB (NUKE), announces that the company has accepted a fourth proposal by the Curators of the University of Missouri to use the company's "Forced Diffusion" technology to recreate previously produced semi conductor diamond materials.

The work, to be supervised by Dr. Mark Prelas, begins October 1, 1999, and is intended to verify and test negative type (N-type) diamond films for use in microelectronics, integrated circuitry, diodes and switches.

N-type diamond has a great potential as a semi conductor material. It not only has the highest electrical resistivity of all other materials, but diamond has other unique properties such as the highest hardness, the highest thermal conductivity, the highest stability under nuclear irradiation, and the highest resistance to chemical attacks. It is the ultimate semi conductor material for the future of microelectronics and computers.

Work already underway at the University's laboratories using "Forced Diffusion", include the projects titled "Optical Modification of Diamond Crystals" (changing diamond color), "Removing of impurities in Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride materials, and "Fuel Cell Electrode development" for hydrogen fuel cells.

Statements in this news release looking forward in time involve risks and uncertainties, and actual results may be materially different. Factors that could cause actual results to differ include activity levels in the securities markets and other risk factors. "From the Safe Harbor Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995".
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 14, 1999
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