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Rhodiola the secret stress suppressor.

Striking a healthy balance between our professional, family and social commitments is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge. Despite all its merits, the Twitter/Facebook revolution has sunk its claws deeply into any final solace that we may have rescued from modern life. Long gone are lengthy phone calls to loving relatives and friends, we now converse with tweets and messages, texts and e-mails. On average, we spend one hour every day nurturing our viral lives and, with events and friendships relying on a connection to the Internet, we have enslaved ourselves to this false sense of social liberation. An hour a day might seem like a drop in the ocean; but, with an increasingly longer working week, we are finding less time to sleep and simply cannot afford to sacrifice the little free time we have. With less time to eat properly and constantly being dogged by financial and vocational worries, we are spreading ourselves too thin. And, when we eventually drop the toast, it will--inevitably and unfortunately--land butter side down.


A recent study implicated stress as a contributory factor to more than 80% of illnesses, including the biggest killer in both the UK and the US: heart disease. Stress is a killer. That much is clear; it suppresses our immunity by lowering our resistance and opens the biological door to more opportunistic and degenerate diseases, such as cancer and AIDS. Thus, reducing our stress could, quite simply, save our lives. For many of us, changing our working schedule in an attempt to reduce stress is simply not an option; constantly short of time, most of us can, unfortunately, rule out meditation, full body massages and hot soaks surrounded by scented candles, incense and whale chorus.

However, a little known herb--Rhodiola rosea--could provide the answer to reducing the extreme stresses of modern life. A coveted supplement in the diet of Russian athletes for centuries, the natural adaptogen can only grow in rare arctic regions and, until now, was one of the botanical world's best-kept secrets. Stress causes a build-up of hormones in the blood that can have detrimental effects on our body if not utilized. Rosavines, the active compound in the herb's roots, can help to control the body's reaction to stress by decreasing our "hormone response." It also helps to prolong the onset of physical fatigue by stabilizing heart rate and blood pressure. Tests have suggested that consumption can help to improve mental cognition, concentration and even lead to a greater sense of general health and well-being.


In addition, the root of the Rhodiola rosea plant also contains several flavonoids and polyphenols. These bioactive compounds have powerful antioxidant properties. The addition of Rhodiola to a diet can therefore help to reduce the physical stress placed upon the body by free radical damage, by scavenging these free electrons to improve their stability. The herbal extract, sold in tablet form at select health stores and pharmacies, is now available, for the first time ever in liquid form. The London-based beverage company, Energizer Brands, has recognized the market for natural adaptogens, choosing Rhodiola (500 mg) for its functionality as the key ingredient in its vegan-approved and diabetic-friendly attitude drink. attitude drink is the world's first natural, functional energy beverage that's free from caffeine, taurine and synthetic sugars. Unique in its ability to simultaneously sharpen the mind, rejuvenate the body and fight the stresses of modern life--without the drawbacks of caffeine--Rhodiola has remained a carefully guarded secret that, until now, has never been made into a natural energy drink. Sugar extracts from low GI fruits improve mental acuity and maintain low blood sugar levels. The drink also ensures a smooth blood glucose progression and a natural energy boost, courtesy of L-carnitine.

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