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Rheology modifier.

Intec is an advanced material additive designed to significantly improve productivity and lower reject rates in a range of organic elastomer and fluoroelastomer parts. The Intec product line includes Intec TG, Intec Fluoroflow and Intec TGM for lighter colored parts. Intec modifies the polymer rheology under processing conditions to enhance the flow characteristics of a range of organic elastomers and fluoroelastomers. It modifies the compound/equipment interface, improving release characteristics, according to the company. It can enhance filler dispersion. It functions without adversely affecting physical properties or part functionality, according to the company. For molding, this is said to translate into a reduction in underfills, improvement in knit line strength, improvement in mold release, reduction in scrap and reduced mold fouling. Also, during mixing there is the potential for a reduction in cycle time and/or improvement in dispersion, providing more consistent batches, according to the company. (International Technical Polymer Systems, 852 Ann St., P.O. Box 111, Niles, OH 44446)

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Title Annotation:Materials
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Dec 22, 2003
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