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Rheological Methods in Food Process Engineering.

As in often the case, the need for this book grew from Prof Steffe teaching courses to students who needed a broader understanding of food process engineering. The text provides an introduction to fluid rheology. Some mathematical knowledge is required for the reader's complete understanding of the text. It presents the theory of rheological testing and shows how rheological properties are determined from experimental data.

Prof Steffe has ensured that emphasis is placed on problems that are most commonly encountered by food process engineers, like steady shear flow problems. The techniques and methodology presented in the book are those that can be carried out on standard instrumentation. Numerous practical examples are one of the secrets of this book.

There are only four main chapters in this book and their headings are: Introduction to rheology; Tube viscometry; Rotational viscometry; and Viscoelasticity. These are followed by a good number of appendices, notes about the nomenclature used and a bibliography to allow further reading.

With such general chapter headings, there are obviously many subheadings. Thus, in the first chapter the author provides an overview then looks at: Common rheological instruments; Stress and strain; Elastic (Hookeau) Solids; Behaviour in steady shear flow; Yield stress phenomena; Extensional flow; Linear viscoelastic material functions; and Example problems. In the third chapter, after an introduction, he discusses Concentric cylinder viscometry; Cone and plate viscometry; parallel plate viscometry (torsional flow); Corrections - concentric cylinder, Corrections - cone and plate, and parallel plate; Mixer viscometry; and 17 example problems.

For a fuller understanding of theology, this book could well help.
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Date:May 1, 1993
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