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Down Your Way: Peering down on an historic village setting; Ross Reyburn takes a look round a village where the past, present and future are all closely intertwined. Oct 28, 2000 973
Counting the cost of tradition with a hearty breakfast feast; Ross Reyburn meets one family who are sure to keep the Wroth Silver tradition alive. Oct 21, 2000 679
Down Your Way: Relaxing charm of town's trendiest old street; Enjoying its own property boom is Stratford's Old Town area. Ross Reyburn reports on the central location that maintains a village feel. Oct 21, 2000 1013
Archive: A masterpiece recalling one of the great British dance traditions; For Morris dancers, the Betley Morris Dance Window is an icon, says Ross Reyburn. Oct 14, 2000 662
Down your way: Real ale attractions in a traditional village pub; Ross Reyburn visits Shustoke in Warwickshire and finds that old England is alive and well. Oct 14, 2000 1003
Book lines. Oct 7, 2000 734
Archive: Under wraps, the treasures that must be locked away; Ross Reyburn looks at the history of the 16th century tapestry maps and the Sheldon family's rich legacy. Oct 7, 2000 785
Down Your way: Peaceful prospect for busy village; Ross Reyburn visits a Warwickshire village which is reputedly the location of Queen Boadicea's final battle. Oct 7, 2000 932
Book lines. Sep 30, 2000 597
Archive: Villagers look at the legend - and go all out to revive the horse on the hill; Hopes are high in Tysoe village that the fabled Red Horse will return, discovers Ross Reyburn. Sep 30, 2000 709
Down Your Way: Canal knowledge; Ross Reyburn finds himself on the towpath to a world of art along a five mile stretch of the Coventry Canal. Sep 30, 2000 986
Perspective: 1900 Olympic file - Mystery of the Olympic team from Moseley; Ross Reyburn uncovers a piece of Olympic history with its roots firmly in the rugby heartland of the Midlands. Sep 26, 2000 1013
Book lines. Sep 23, 2000 755
Archive: An archaeological legacy across the landscape; Ross Reyburn uncovers the historical legacy that centres on the ancient town of Tamworth. Sep 23, 2000 872
Book lines. Sep 16, 2000 612
Visible clue to a calamitous event; Ross Reyburn examines the legacy of the Fauld Explosion. Sep 16, 2000 712
Down Your Way: Teeing off in the village; Nestling alongside the small village of Wishaw is one of the world's most famous golf courses, says Ross Reyburn. Sep 16, 2000 1511
Midlands archive: Bringing part of the city's dramatic past back to vivid life; Ross Reyburn discovers how the revived plays wowed modern Coventry. Sep 9, 2000 628
Battle of Britain: Romance which ended in tragedy; Two brothers loved the same girl, but both lost their lives during Battle of Britain. Ross Reyburn reports. Sep 9, 2000 819
Battle of Britain: Never forget the boys; The Few are getting fewer. Ross Reyburn meets a former Spitfire pilot in an attractive Worcestershire village. Sep 9, 2000 1172
Down Your Way: Lady Katherine's legacy lives on in the heart of the county; Ross Reyburn visits ancient Temple Balsall, a tiny and intriguing hamlet that took its name from the the Knights Templar. Sep 9, 2000 1471
A fondness nurtured by a lifetime of glorious walks. Sep 2, 2000 821
Down Your Way: Modern vineyard in the heart of Roman Britain; The small Shropshire settlement of Wroxeter is home to the world's northernmost red wine vineyard and Britain's Pompeii. Ross Reyburn pays a visit. Sep 2, 2000 951
Why no swimmer is a match for Webb. Aug 26, 2000 1230
Off the congested track; Pull off the motorway and in a stone's throw you could find some of the country's best treasures. Ross Reyburn reports. Aug 26, 2000 1123
Down Your Way: Taking a stroll along the quagmire of old; Ross Reyburn visits a village with a Roman past, dedicated choir, moated manor house and successful village soccer team. Aug 26, 2000 943
Down Your Way: Secrets of the virtual flights; Ross Reyburn goes to the market town of Craven Arms, Shropshire - and makes several interesting discoveries. Aug 19, 2000 1265
POETRY IN MOTION; The Nation's favourite poet, Rudyard Kipling, was a man mesmerised by technology. When the Lanchester brothers brought their Birmingham-built car to the writer's attention, he signed up and had the 16th Lanchester delivered in person by its inventor. Ross Reyburn reports. Aug 12, 2000 1590
Drab terrace hides hidden treasures; Ross Reyburn goes to Coventry's Spon End district and discovers a fascinating mix of the rare, historic and mundane. Aug 12, 2000 978
Malvern's war-winning legacy; From Galileo's telescope a new exhibition traces the history of radar. Ross Reyburn reports. Jul 29, 2000 607
The secret garden of delights; A remarkable Midland garden is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Ross Reyburn reports. Jul 22, 2000 678
Weekend: Last letter reveals humble requests of dying nurse. Jul 22, 2000 625
Walking back to the lost garden; An ancient yew tunnel has been rediscovered in the lost garden of Aberglasney. Ross Reyburn reports. Jul 15, 2000 795
Midlands Archive: On the trail of the Camp Hill connection; He wrote If You Were the Only Girl in the World but until recently the city of his birth was unaware of its famous son. Ross Reyburn visits his old school. Jul 15, 2000 625
Down Your Way: Tower of strength saves disused village church; Preserving the past is all very well, but buildings such as Avon Bassett's disused church cost a small fortune in upkeep. As Ross Reyburn discovers, villagers have mixed feelings about this towering legacy. Jul 15, 2000 1434
Doomsday scenario in Africa over the spread of Aids; Eleven thousand delegates are attending the first international Aids conference in the South African city of Durban. Ross Reyburn looks at the disease that's devastating Africa. Jul 10, 2000 991
Incline towards great relics in Shropshire; Ross Reyburn visits Ironbridge to find out if the ingenious Inclined Plane survives. Jul 8, 2000 520
Down your way: Club hopes not to hit a sticky wicket; Ross Reyburn visits Tettenhall on the outskirts of Wolverhampton and is pleased that it has managed to retain its village identity. Jul 8, 2000 1045
It's not all rosy in the garden; Ross Reyburn talks to a sculptor who designs innovative garden pieces. Jul 1, 2000 650
Peek behind the garden gate; In our continuing series looking at a garden throughout the year, Ross Reyburn catches up with Anne Lee at her Edgbaston home as she prepares for summer. Jun 24, 2000 742
Salt of the earth enjoyed the life of brine; Chris Upton looks at the salty history of Worcestershire spa town Droitwich, while (below) Ross Reyburn reports on how the town remembers its briny past. Jun 24, 2000 820
Down Your Way: When your (tiny) world is a stage; Ross Reyburn goes to deepest Staffordshire to find a very small theatre with an extra big reputation. Jun 24, 2000 1080
Finding there are 21 steps to Heaven; Ross Reyburn discovers the history behind Hatton Locks in Warwickshire. Pictures by Kirsty Wigglesworth. Jun 10, 2000 648
ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL; Enville Hall is re-opening its magnificent Victorian gardens for the first time in a century next weekend when the Staffordshire village stages a Gardens Open Day. Ross Reyburn reports. Pictures by Kirsty Wigglesworth. Jun 10, 2000 1393
Gardening: Why business is blooming. Jun 3, 2000 508
Midlands Archive: Memories of the garden where it all started. Jun 3, 2000 762
WEEKEND: HEROES RETURN; Two coachloads of Birmingham's Dunkirk veterans are in France this weekend for a final 60th anniversary pilgrimage remembering the Dunkirk Miracle. Ross Reyburn spoke to two of them. Jun 3, 2000 2012
Down Your Way: Snapshots of a colourful history; Ross Reyburn visits Trysull and discovers a village full of character - and characters. Jun 3, 2000 1131
Gardening: Beautiful landscape striking to look at; Hawkstone Park is a gem in the Shropshire countryside boasting sprawling masses of rhododendrons and bluebells. Ross Reyburn takes a look. May 27, 2000 685
Down your way: Life and times of an English village; Ross Reyburn turns over a leaf or two to discover a modern-day Domesday Book, compiled by the villagers of Clifton-upon-Teme. May 27, 2000 1185
Gardening: Shining new light on a Tudor garden; Ross Reyburn visits one of Warwick's most famous gardens where old-fashioned plants are being used in a modern form. May 20, 2000 768
Down Your Way: Where King Arthur still speaks; Follies, breathtaking views and wonderful gardens can all be seen at a little known park, says Ross Reyburn. May 20, 2000 1284
GARDENING Wise counsel for Chelsea; Birmingham City Council is getting great, green advice for this year's show entry. Ross Reyburn reports. May 13, 2000 706
Here, there, everywhere - the menace of the masts; Ross Reyburn looks at an unwelcome side-effect of the mobile phone revolution. May 13, 2000 1135
Will we soon find that it's not so good to talk?; As the Government warns children against the danger of using mobile phones, Ross Reyburn gauges the level of opposition. May 12, 2000 1414
Out of his black phase into more blues; Ross Reyburn is Green with admiration. May 1, 2000 846
Railing against the encroaching city. Apr 22, 2000 791
Gardening: Creating an outside room worth viewing; Now is the busiest time of the year for many gardeners. Ross Reyburn finds out what is happening in one of Birmingham's outstanding residential gardens. Apr 15, 2000 821
From bombers to tourists; Chris Upton looks at the origins of Birmingham International Airport and Ross Reyburn reports on plans for its future. Apr 15, 2000 784
Down your way: English home where Roman busts nestle; Ross Reyburn tastes the splendour of Farnborough Hall and the local real ale pub. Apr 15, 2000 1328
The book of Saints reaches its final chapter; Birmingham's All Saints Hospital closes this weekend. Ross Reyburn gets a verdict on its achievements. Apr 8, 2000 760
The resting place of a rock legend; Ross Reyburn visits the little Worcestershire village of Rushock - an unlikely pilgrimage spot for fans of Led Zeppelin. Apr 8, 2000 796
Midland Archive: Reliving the Bard's birthplace. Mar 25, 2000 745
Down your way: Creating art in a country garden; Hidcote Bartrim is one of the most popular Cotswold villages. Ross Reyburn finds out why. Pictures by Neil Pugh. Mar 25, 2000 1302
Paradise was lost then found at Ludlow Castle. Mar 18, 2000 740
A little place where time stood still; DOWN YOUR WAY Ross Reyburn visits Chapelfields in Coventry - once the hub of the country's watchmaking industry. Mar 18, 2000 1236
The sky's the limit; Ross Reyburn goes stargazing with the Birmingham Astronomical Society. Mar 11, 2000 1755
Down your way: The bishop and the fearsome ladies; Ross Reyburn finds how one great historic figure influenced the shaping of Sutton Coldfield. Mar 11, 2000 1367
Books: Don't quote them on this; The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. Fifth Edition by Elizabeth Knowles (Oxford University Press, pounds 25);The Cassell Dictionary of Regrettable Quotations. Edited by David Milstead (Cassell, pounds 10.99). Reviewed by Ross Reyburn. Mar 4, 2000 1194
Millennibrum: Bringing the city's history to life for everyone; Ross Reyburn introduces the Millennibrum project and outlines the ways you can get involved. Mar 1, 2000 412
COOL CUSTOMER; Being stalked by a polar bear is nothing compared to his latest expedition. Ross Reyburn explores an Arctic daredevil's world. Feb 26, 2000 1017
Down Your Way A bit of a European up-and-downer; Ross Reyburn visits a Cotswold village where the Brussels bureaucrats have effectively ruined the traditional children's playground. Feb 26, 2000 1337
Midlands archive: Fame a Midland town would rather not claim. Feb 19, 2000 689
Down your way: Picture book idyll with heart of steel; Ashorne, Warwickshire, may have lost its shop and school, but the village can still boast some unusual attractions, discovers Ross Reyburn. Feb 19, 2000 1515
Surveyor picks city of opportunity; The West Midlands has an impressive roll call of prestige development projects. Ross Reyburn meets a Birmingham chartered surveyor with an impressive client list. Feb 17, 2000 1647
Books: A very tasty Cooke-book; Memories of the Great & the Good. By Alastair Cooke (Pavilion Books, pounds 16.95). Reviewed by Ross Reyburn. Feb 12, 2000 1148
Midland Archive: Where the Rusty Brook still flows hidden from our eyes; Bilston cholera epidemic. Feb 12, 2000 726
Weekend: Our problems shared for the common good; Common Purpose is making Birmingham a better city. Ross Reyburn finds out how. Feb 12, 2000 1124
Down your way: A plea to let the river run free; Many of Halesowen's landmarks, including the River Stour, are in disrepair. Ross Reyburn discovers a rescue mission. Feb 12, 2000 1513
Down your way: Hamlet with wrap-around views; Ross Reyburn goes up hill and down dale to find the ancient settlement of Burton Dassett in Warwickshire. Feb 5, 2000 1425
Gardening: Dreaming of a city orchard; The Balsall Heath Jungle group plans to create a community orchard and fruit tree nursery in the area. Jan 22, 2000 772
INTO THE MILLENNIUM; The American directing the project to mark the new century in Birmingham tells Ross Reyburn some of the ideas that are still going into it. Jan 22, 2000 1206
Little brook bonds village together; Down Your Way Ross Reyburn visits Princethorpe, a Warwickshire village which boasts the magnificent Our Lady of the Angels Church. Jan 22, 2000 1200
Albert Bore interview: Decisive leader plans further regeneration; Coun Albert Bore, Birmingham City Council leader, is masterminding Birmingham's future as an international city. Ross Reyburn discovers what he would like to see happening in the city. Jan 20, 2000 2306
Tales of cricket, lovely cricket. Jan 15, 2000 1305
Down Your Way: Horsing around in the country; Ross Reyburn finds a village which is restoring its bridleways for the future. Jan 15, 2000 1498
Only one thing worse than the stress of a job - no job; As a nation we're are getting more and more tense, apparently. Ross Reyburn calmly tries to find out why. Jan 11, 2000 1076
Down Your Way: Little changes in sleepy village & Literary praise for Manor House; In the heart of the Warwickshire countryside lies a wonderfully unspoilt village, says Ross Reyburn. Jan 8, 2000 1278
Books: Coldly selected for the final journey; The Last Days. By Steven Spielberg and Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, pounds 20). The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank. By Willy Lindwer (Macmillan, pounds 12.99). Reviewed by Ross Reyburn. Oct 30, 1999 535
Calling time on village pub dream; Ross Reyburn discovers that like many English village pubs, The Fox in Ryton, Shropshire could become the victim of a changing society. Oct 30, 1999 1524
Season for a riot of reds and yellow fruitfulness; TV gardening has made people far more knowledgable about plants and now they want colour all year round, discovers Ross Reyburn. Oct 23, 1999 605
Like an old soldier, just fading away?; The Abolition of Britain - From Lady Chatterley to Tony Blair. By Peter Hitchens (Quartet Books, pounds 15). Reviewed by Ross Reyburn. Oct 23, 1999 1195
Red rose to march onward by order of the golden boot; Michael Blair pinpoints the importance of putting your best kicking foot forward. Oct 23, 1999 570
Busst nightmare returns; Ken Gaunt suffers a sickening flashback. Oct 23, 1999 746
Idyllic Idlicote was once a bomb site; Ross Reyburn tracks down a 'hidden' village with some of the best views in Warwickshire - and discovers it had an explosive past. Oct 23, 1999 1351
Arts: Splinter off the old block; Peter Green's Splinter Group Ronnie Scott's. Oct 20, 1999 229
Gardening: Digging for healthy option; Allotments are making a comeback with the growing popularity, but higher prices, of organic food, discovers Ross Reyburn. Oct 16, 1999 594
Weekend: Midlands Millenium - Maintaining a 'living' landmark to the power-packed past. Oct 16, 1999 540
Down Your Way : From Roman road to motorway; Ross Reyburn visits the picturesque Staffordshire village of Wall and finds its Roman origins. Oct 16, 1999 1266
Gardening: Typically tropical; Ross Reyburn explores the mysterious delights of a mini-jungle tucked away in deepest Edgbaston. Oct 9, 1999 837

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