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Revolutionary method of training speeds up learning process.

THRASS - Teaching Handwriting Reading And Spelling Skills - is revolutionary in its approach to training teachers how to teach English language skills.

Regarded as a 'Periodic table of Phonics', the method concentrates on teaching children using different sounds.

Children are taught by Thrass-trained teachers that syllables like 'ea', 'ee', 'y', 'ey', on the ends of words all make the same sound, but that their spellings are different.

Sounds are separated into different 'family trees' to make spellings easier for children to remember.

Mr Davies said: 'It is an encouraging way of teaching English as children learn that they aren't wrong for having a guess' The English language is such that there are numerous different spellings for the same sounds and, when children recognise that, they are half the way there.

'During our work in Africa, teachers were coming back to me after their training and saying that pupils had made 10-weeks' worth of training in just four weeks of teaching with this method
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 30, 2005
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