Printer Friendly Launches Heart Attack Recovery Center to Aid Recovery, Prevention of Further Heart Disease.

Online resource covers nutrition, medication, exercise, relationships, more

WASHINGTON -- Today, launches a new online Heart Attack Recovery Center to help the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are recovering from a heart attack or caring for someone who is. This year, an estimated 1.1 million Americans will have a heart attack and approximately half will survive the incident. With survival rates rising dramatically over the past 20 years, heart attack recovery is more critical than ever for patients and their families. is focusing attention on heart attack recovery during the month of February to mark American Heart Month. The free, online resource is particularly timely as a recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that only one-third of patients who survive a heart attack undergo cardiac rehabilitation, a series of lifestyle changes proven to reduce the risk of additional illness and death.

"What many people don't know is that cardiac rehabilitation can help prevent another heart attack and even turn back the clock on heart disease," said Val Jones, M.D., senior medical director of "Our new online Heart Attack Recovery Center compiles key information, tools and expert guidelines, together with an active online community to help patients and their families meet and overcome this serious health challenge."'s new Heart Attack Center offers the following information and features:

* Medications and supplements - Learn more about the different kinds of heart medicines, potential drug interactions and how supplements might help. Learn about approaches to missed doses and changes in medication.

* Diet - Just as bad eating habits can contribute to heart disease, a heart-healthy diet can aid in recovery.'s experts discuss commonly recommended diets and ingredient substitutions.

* Exercise - How much exercise is enough? Can it ever be too soon to exercise after a heart attack? Read more about the phases of cardiac recovery and typical exercise levels for each one.

* Stress reduction - Everyone knows that stress contributes to heart disease, but what's the best way to control, or even reduce, stress? Take an interactive assessment to measure stress levels and learn every day stress-busters and other ways to take it easy.

* Emotional health - Depression can set in after a heart attack, so learn to recognize the signs. Take positive steps to live with heart disease and seek out group support.

* Caregiving - Supporting your loved one who has just had a heart attack can be difficult. Educate yourself about the facts and the keys to a successful recovery.

* Intimacy - How soon can you resume sex after a heart attack? And is it safe? Is heart medicine affecting sexual activity? Learn what's real, and what's myth.

* Community - You are not alone. Heart attack confronts all too many American families each year. Share stories, information, recipes and more. Read about other people's experiences and share your support and strength with them.

"With all the focus on the event - the heart attack - sometimes the recovery gets lost, but the right path to recovery can make all the difference in a longer and healthier life," added Dr. Jones. "But remember, you should consult with your physician before undertaking any change in medications, diet or physical exertion."

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Date:Feb 7, 2008
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