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Revolution, Journalists And The Rest Of Us.

In political science, revolution is a fundamental power and political organisation which occurs when the population reverts against the government, typically due to perceived oppression or political incompetence. Revolution has occurred through human history widely in terms of methods, duration and motivating ideology. Their result includes major changes in culture, economic and socio-political institutions, usually in response to perceived overwhelming autocracy or plutocracy.

Revolution is not about breakdown of law and order but for the creation of reasonable opportunities for growth and development. After 20 years we started on the path of civil rule, we have now arrived at the point where democracy and its much-hyped instruments of 'checks and balances'? have been rigged against us.

Scholarly debates about what does and does not constitute a revolution centre on several issues. A government that apportions high grades to itself on its supposed achievements should also retain self-composure when a revolution is mentioned. They should be confident that people are satisfied enough with their lot under their administration and would laugh at the purveyors of revolution.

Yet, the government was so jittery it brought out more armed forces to fight protesters than they do with herdsmen. Their panic and desperation to declare 'democratic victory' over an unfolding reality is telling. They fear the arousing power of assemblies to destabilise the alternative reality they have made official narratives.

The scuttled and crippled of #RevolutionNow protests by government security agents was totally undemocratic and uncivilised, it was also a declaration of such repressive behaviour a 'democratic victory'. The irony of that assertion hits one hard.

Thanks to alternative facts such as this one, Nigeria these days sometimes feels like being fed up and trapped inside an Orwellian reality. Moreover, if the government is confident enough according to reports being fed us on the pages of newspapers, then one should not let them get away with their delusions that Nigerians ignored the protests because they believe in the promise of the present administration.

It is the belief of many that democracy should guarantee people good life. A stable democracy piloted by visionary leaders who possess the intellectual clouts to see issues at their broader and more complex perspectives should ensure a strong, stable, vibrant, virile economy with an enabling peaceful and stable political environment. Under a condition like this, the citizens can benefit maximally and fullest from democracy; good living condition, employment generations, security of lives and properties and even equal opportunities for self-actualisation.

Instead of Nigerians to forget or jettison the hardship being experienced during the military eras, but till date the consequences of our democracy incursion, hunger, diseases and ignorance became have become the lot of Nigerians. Life became a thing to endure rather than enjoy. Or how else can we describe the brutality of journalists at the #RevolutionNow protest, members of the fourth estate of the realms, now becoming punching bags. A responsible government and police must know how to separate protesters from journalists, even though protesters do not deserve that kind of treatment from our security agents.

It is disturbing to see government dialogue with killer herdsmen and bandits while the common man fighting for their rights will be chased and maimed by our security agents.
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Publication:Nigerian Tribune (Oyo State, Nigeria)
Date:Sep 2, 2019
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