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Two Revolutionary War Privateers. May 1, 2020 198
Teens of the Revolution: Meet five young people who risked their lives during the bloody war for our nations independence. Bubar, Joe Sep 16, 2019 4045
U.S Marks July 4: A Nation Is Born. Jul 3, 2019 733
George Washington and the Hand of God: This country's Founders saw the hand of God in the Colonies' victory over the mighty British empire-with God's providence most apparent in the fortunes of George Washington. White, John Jun 17, 2019 4924
Signal Hill members learn about Revolutionary War. Apr 17, 2019 306
The American Revolution in Illinois? Mar 28, 2019 297
Experts closing in on Cook's ship. Sep 24, 2018 550
Laborers in the Vineyard: Interpreting Religious Life at Colonial Williamsburg. Feaster, Joseph; Ingram, James Sep 1, 2018 1609
Defending Soldiers at Early Courts-Martial. Borch, Fred L. Feb 1, 2018 754
Revolutionary roles: for historical reenactors in Lexington and in Minute Man National Historical Park, the past is present. Fox, Dorian Sep 22, 2017 1440
Thomas Jefferson: Word and Deed. Hersey, Jon Sep 22, 2017 11000
GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE. Schaub, Diana Essay Sep 22, 2017 2641
The spirit of party: John Adams, Jonathan Sewall, and the role of republican ideology in the coming of the American revolution. Petersen, Tony Essay Jun 22, 2017 9372
Defending Soldiers at Early Courts-Martial. Borch, Fred L. May 1, 2017 754
Alexander Hamilton: the wrong hero for our age. Smith, Billy G. Critical essay Mar 22, 2017 1580
Hamilton's Legacy and the great man theory of financial history. Stringham, Edward Peter Critical essay Mar 22, 2017 4535
'Legends Of Tomorrow': The Team Tries To Protect George Washington In Season 2, Episode 11. Jan 21, 2017 380
HMS Jersey: Absences and Memory from the Battlefields of Brooklyn by Howard Skrill: detail from Mary Cuddihee Skrill's Wallabout Bay, Pencil on Paper, 2015. Jan 1, 2017 2717
Sunderland to be the new base for pirate ship hunt. Sep 20, 2016 410
The End of a War and The Rise of a Nation: A lesson on the American Revolution. Kenna, Joshua L.; Russell, William B., III Essay Apr 1, 2016 2996
Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter's Hamilton: The Revolution. Begley, Robert Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 3177
The real redcoats: how the British fought the American revolution--bravely. Crawford, Alan Pell Mar 1, 2016 1825
1620 to the Civil War. Carman, Judith E. Mar 1, 2016 7203
Black slaves who could have been American founders. Bernstein, Andrew Essay Dec 22, 2015 2716
"How it will end, the blessed God knows": a reading of Jewish correspondence during the revolutionary war era. Hoberman, Michael Essay Oct 1, 2015 15383
Are we all German now? Goldman, Samuel Essay Sep 22, 2015 2525
The New Testament versus the American Revolution. Valliant, James S. Essay Jun 22, 2015 5695
Poldark set to cash in on US heritage. Jun 14, 2015 140
Poldark set to cash in on US heritage. Jun 14, 2015 140
Battle of Point Pleasant; history and archaeology of the first battle of the American revolution. Koerper, Phillip E. Abstract Apr 1, 2015 238
The revolutionary portfolio: constitution-making and the wider world in the American Revolution. Hulsebosch, Daniel J. Sep 22, 2014 8325
The revolutionary portfolio: constitution-making and the wider world in the American Revolution. Hulsebosch, Daniel J. Sep 22, 2014 24883
Patriot's Day 2014: History and Significance; 5 Interesting Things to Know. Apr 21, 2014 468
Nancy Ward: American patriot or Cherokee nationalist? Pesantubbee, Michelene E. Biography Mar 22, 2014 12135
The nine legends of Kate Fowler. Davidson, Stephen Mar 22, 2014 2586
"He enlisted to obtain his freedom": slavery and freedom in the American revolution. Hussey, Michael Mar 22, 2014 1457
We lose school powers but stay accountable... and foot the PS70k bill; Councillors slam WG education move. Feb 18, 2014 395
Backbone of the armed forces. Jan 1, 2014 628
"Where's the Spirit?". Sep 1, 2013 659
Selected bibliography: American reconstruction and emancipation. Whitt, Michael Recommended readings Jun 22, 2013 783
John Quincy Adams and U.S. Foreign Policy in a Revolutionary Era. Sempa, Francis P. Mar 20, 2013 326
General George's Genius. Palmer, Dave R. Jan 1, 2013 975
Soldiers with big hearts. Peate, Les Jan 1, 2013 242
Revolution in the balance. Palmer, Dave R. Sep 1, 2012 2046
The impact of logistics on the British defeat in the Revolutionary War. McCoy, Eric A. Sep 1, 2012 2434
Conquering hero or pitiless war monster? A series of victories on US soil saw Banastre Tarleton rewarded with a baronetcy. But American history sees this man's role in a very different light, Chris Upton explains. Aug 9, 2012 945
The shot heard round the world. McGrath, Roger D. Jun 1, 2012 1110
A revolutionary revision. Brief article Feb 27, 2012 183
"No king unless it be a constitutional king": rethinking the place of the Quebec Act in the coming of the American Revolution. Creviston, Vernon P. Essay Sep 22, 2011 7923
General John Stark--the man, the motto, and the "coverup": General Stark's name should come readily to schoolchildren's lips for his accomplishments in the Revolutionary War and his very American motto. Kenny, Jack Biography Jul 4, 2011 3012
Clements Library acquires final Strachey papers. Brief article May 1, 2011 186
The Revolution's reactionary radicals: during the American Revolution, a group calling themselves Radical Patriots tried to use the armed conflict to institute a plan that could nowadays be deemed Marxist. Akers, Becky Essay Mar 21, 2011 2988
American history play: Benedict Arnold: hero and traitor. Nov 22, 2010 240
God and country. Allitt, Patrick Essay Sep 22, 2010 3063
U.S.A. Embassy in Macedonia celebrates Independence Day. Brief article Jul 1, 2010 114
Thomas Flewelling UE: Brave, Harworking, Steadfast, Stoic. Fax, Audrey Hutchison Biography Mar 22, 2010 1626
Colonial Gingrichburg. Gingrich, Newt Excerpt Feb 1, 2010 1080
Aids to independence: a distant monarch, political factionalism, vainglorious commanders and the distraction of European enemies helped George Washington seal victory in the American War of Independence, writes Kenneth Baker, who explores the conflict through caricature and print. Baker, Kenneth Jan 1, 2010 2431
Premier Polish patriot: Tadeusz Kosciuszko, a member of Poland's nobility, used his engineering genius on the behalf of both America's and Poland's freedom. Scaliger, Charles Oct 12, 2009 2492
For God, king, and country: loyalism on the eastern shore of Maryland during the American Revolution. Neville, Barry Paige Essay Sep 22, 2009 12169
Present at the revolution. Flynn, Keith Poem Sep 22, 2009 482
Baptist contributions to American life. Flynt, J. Wayne Jun 22, 2009 3175
Bicentennial. Schepers, Bonnie L. Brief article Mar 22, 2009 311
A revolutionary recession: did a sour economy set off the American war for independence? Arango, Tim Jan 12, 2009 726
Saint John 225: the 2008 Dominion Conference of the UELAC. Bolton, Stephen Sep 22, 2008 2381
Toronto. Windover, Karen Brief article Sep 22, 2008 235
Son of liberty: Nathan Hale, a true patriot, believed that liberty is worth any price. Akers, Becky Sep 15, 2008 2947
That significant, sensational signing: the signers of the Declaration of Independence knew that they might pay a price--yet they signed anyway. Over time, their sacrifices may have been exaggerated, but their true stories are fascinating enough without embellishment. Akers, Becky Jul 7, 2008 3090
Spreading liberty with a bayonet: long before the occupation of Iraq, Americans tried to free another country from its tyrannical government only to find out how hard it is to spread liberty with a bayonet. Akers, Becky May 26, 2008 2976
In search of loyalists recognition: Yorktown's 225th. Johnson, Peter W. Mar 22, 2008 707
Heritage. Wilkins, Robert Mar 22, 2008 608
When the American Revolution erupted. McBride, Grietje Renskea; Collins, Robert Brief article Mar 22, 2008 125
Forgotten story; Philip Key looks at a new play detailing the plight of black soldiers in the American War of Independence. Oct 12, 2007 1167
From Revolution to Republic. Apr 1, 2007 494
A family divided by the American Revolution: Sergeant Gabriel Purdy UE of the Guides and Pioneers and Colonel James DeLancey's Regiment. McBride, Grietje R.; McBride, Robert C. Mar 22, 2007 5387
Upper Canada Land Petition of Isaac Vail UE: one of thirty-two Loyalists who migrated from New Brunswick to Upper Canada. Fisher, Jerry Mar 22, 2007 2197
Come home to your loyalist roots. Muise, Ellen Mar 22, 2007 374
External assistance: enabler of insurgent success. Record, Jeffrey Sep 22, 2006 6641
"It was I who did it": women's role in the founding of the nation. Berkin, Carol Jun 22, 2006 2241
Yankees with "staves and musick": the first American Revolution. Raphael, Ray Jun 22, 2006 2425
The middling sort in the American Revolution. Wood, Gordon S. Jun 22, 2006 2296
An "excess of democracy"--or a shortage? The crisis that led to the constitution. Holton, Woody Jun 22, 2006 2235
John Brown, James Redpath, and the idea of revolution. Frank, Albert J. Von Jun 1, 2006 8800
Plan for the expedition to Hudson Bay: a newly discovered manuscript by Jean-Francois Galaup, Comte de Laperouse. Combet, Denis Jun 1, 2006 3527
Death barges of Wallabout Bay: during the War for Independence, the British kept many captured American soldiers and privateers in horrid conditions onboard overcrowded prison ships. Telzrow, Michael E. Jan 23, 2006 2450
ANNIVERSARIES. Oct 19, 2005 117
ON THIS DAY. Oct 19, 2005 168
Stop the Clock October 19. Oct 19, 2005 92
ON THIS DAY. Oct 17, 2005 188
A step back in time: the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail tells the story of southern militia who secured a crucial victory in the Revolutionary War. Kirkwood, Scott Sep 22, 2005 829
Rebels & Redcoats, The American Revolutionary War. Johnson, Peter W. Sep 22, 2005 739
Story of courageous regiment. Sep 19, 2005 638
Sailors step into the past ... To sailors stationed aboard USS Constitution, "Old Ironsides" is more than just a tour ship. Ludwig, Charles L. Sep 1, 2005 1568
Discover the spirit and charm of South Carolina's Olde English District. Advertisement Jun 22, 2005 120
Presbyterianism and the American Revolution in the Middle Colonies (1). Tiedemann, Joseph S. Jun 1, 2005 17390
Resolution of the Continental Congress: 14 June 1775. Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 230
Lafayette's odyssey: the Marquis de Lafayette's dogged determination to fight for the cause of liberty enabled him to surmount many difficulties in leaving France and coming to America. Gilmore, Jodie May 16, 2005 2427
Silly hats. May 1, 2005 84
Washington's spies: General George Washington's intelligence network during the American War for Independence contributed largely to his success. Gilmore, Jodie Mar 7, 2005 2785
The diary of Sarah Frost, 1783: the sounds and silences of a woman's exile (1). Davies, Gwendolyn Sep 22, 2004 5639
'Tek force wid force': Paul Shirley describes the freedom struggles of African Americans in the Bahamas after the American War of Independence. Shirley, Paul Apr 1, 2004 3105
Forts and Battlefields Tour: from Chambly, Quebec to Saratoga, New York. Kipp, Elizabeth; Kipp, Edward; Anderson, Janet; Anderson, George Mar 22, 2004 2788
Patriot spies: winning the Revolutionary War required that a brave few--including women and children--work in secret. Brown, Bryan Sep 29, 2003 562
Brother Jonathan: Connecticut Governor Jonathan Trumbull Sr. held nothing back in supporting the War for independence. George Washington ranked him "among the first of patriots". Eddlem, Thomas R. Aug 25, 2003 2177
Father of the American Revolution: pious, principled, and passionate for liberty, Samuel Adams championed the cause of independence with his unique ability to communicate, motivate, and organize. (History: Greatness of the Founders). Eddlem, Thomas R. Biography Jul 29, 2002 3703
Uncommon sense. (Notebook). Lapham, Lewis H. Column Jul 1, 2002 2565
Fourth of July should have been the second: all the delegates agreed that a Declaration of Independence, if needed, should not be hastily written. Zitter, Sam Jun 23, 2002 1066
"To bigotry no sanction": the role of American Jews in the Revolution. Andrews, Joseph L., Jr. May 1, 2002 3994
Loyalist Genealogy Research trip. Anderson, George Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 509
A salty story from a local scrapbook. Johnson, Peter Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 703
The Brown Bess -- in print. (Books Worth a Look). Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 188
Nations of American rebels: understanding nationalism in Revolutionary North America and the Civil War South. Carp, Benjamin L. Mar 1, 2002 15406
St. Augustine's live action forts: one of the oldest cities in the country, St. Augustine, Florida, offers the chance to relive history. (Excursions). Romero, Natalie De Cuba Nov 1, 2001 1642
Declaring Independence: This year, the Declaration of Independence celebrates its 225th anniversary. But in 1776, no one was sure if it would ever be written. (American History Play). Miller, Amy Oct 29, 2001 1323
"A clear and steady channel": Isaac Backus and the limits of liberty. Richards, Peter Judson Jun 22, 2001 19294
Reviving a forgotten battle: a St. Louis Post has a special mission to keep alive the memory of the only Revolutionary War battle fought in Missouri. (VFW in action: VFW members and Posts demonstrating community service.). May 1, 2001 711
'Gallant Ferguson': Major Patrick Ferguson (1744-80). McLeod Gilchrist, Dr. Marianne Mar 22, 2001 6724
British Graves. Brief Article Mar 22, 2001 259
Resources for the classroom. Jan 1, 2001 1638
In the SPIRIT of the LAW. BOWMAN, SALLY-JO KEALA-O-ANUENUE Jan 1, 2001 2211
Ambition. Sommers, Richard J. Brief Article Dec 22, 2000 565
Patrick Ferguson, the loyalists, and the american revolution. Cheaney, J. B. Brief Article May 1, 2000 4074
Island ALLIES of a REVOLUTION. Ricklin, Saul Nov 1, 1999 2015
Anglican Parson, Alleged Sodomite, and Loyalist Perjurer: John Milner of Colonial and Revolutionary New York and Virginia. LOHRENZ, OTTO Jul 1, 1999 4364
"A most mild and equitable establishment of religion": John Adams and the Massachusetts experiment. Witte, John, Jr. Mar 22, 1999 19047
Revolutions in America and France. Teti, Dennis Oct 1, 1998 478
The roads to revolution. Brief Article May 1, 1998 1113
The Bachelor and other disorderly men during the American founding. Kann, Mark E. Sep 22, 1997 12248
American independence and Britain's counter-revolution. Gould, Eliga H. Feb 1, 1997 15312
Manhood, immortality, and politics during the American founding. Kann, Mark E. Nov 1, 1996 11158
Revisionist patricide: Thomas Paine's 'Letter to George Washington.' Blakemore, Steven Mar 22, 1995 8989
Myths and realities along Boston's Freedom Trail. Leehey, Patrick M. Sep 1, 1994 1873
The balance of injustice and the War of Independence. Lyons, David Apr 1, 1994 3053
Multiculturalism and the American Revolution of 1776: a response to David Lyons. Foster, John Bellamy Apr 1, 1994 3732
Reply to John Bellamy Foster. Lyons, David Apr 1, 1994 809
Catharine Macaulay and the American Revolution. Hay, Carla H. Jan 1, 1994 7010
Kinship and culture in the mobilization of colonial Massachusetts. Baller, Bill Jan 1, 1994 5077
The road to independence: sites in the National Park System trace significant events of the Revolutionary War. Swift, J. Charles Jul 1, 1993 1636
Freemasons and the American Revolution. York, Neil L. Jan 1, 1993 6013
Paine, Thomas. Purinton, Marjean D. Jan 1, 1992 3967
Speech to the Second Virginia Convention. Transcript Jan 1, 1991 1256
The Declaration of Independence. Jefferson, Thomas Transcript Jan 1, 1991 1677
A bill for establishing religious freedom in Virginia. Jefferson, Thomas Transcript Jan 1, 1991 1007
Common sense. Paine, Thomas Reference Source Jan 1, 1991 2077
The American Crisis. Paine, Thomas Reference Source Jan 1, 1991 1395
Liberty Tree. Paine, Thomas Reference Source Jan 1, 1991 292
Letters from an American Farmer. St. John de Crevecoeur, J. Hector Reference Source Jan 1, 1991 1803
Concord Hymn. Emerson, Ralph Waldo Reference Source Jan 1, 1991 270
American Revolution, The. Leary, Lewis; Perkins, George Reference Source Jan 1, 1991 2777
Continental Congress, The. Reference Source Jan 1, 1991 116
Eutaw Springs. Reference Source Jan 1, 1991 106
The wisdom of Benjamin Franklin. Morison, Samuel Eliot May 1, 1990 2421
Hale, Nathan. Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 121
American Revolution. Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 303

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