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Revolt over Tory pay curb on 5m workers; Rises to be based on where you live.

Byline: ANDREW GREGORY Political Editor

PHILIP Hammond has sparked a backlash over an attempt to curb the wages of the nation's five million public sector workers.

The Chancellor is set to announce in next week's Budget that their pay rises will not be across the board, but based on factors such as where they live.

Last year the Tories finally bowed to pressure by agreeing to lift the 1% cap on public sector wage increases. Mr Hammond has reportedly told fellow ministers now wants greater "flexibility". He is expected to announce future pay rises will be based on retention, performance and productivity.

And those in London and South East England would fare better as the Treasury thinks public sector pay is less competitive with the private sector in these areas.

Dave Prentis, of the biggest public services union Unison, said: "What regional pay means in practice is further attacks on the wages of NHS staff, school staff, police staff and others.

"As for performance-related pay, nurses, care workers and teaching assistants are paid far less than their hard work and performance deserve."

Gail Cartmail, of the Unite union, said: "The Government's mask has once again slipped. Rather than ending austerity, it appears to be preparing another broadhe side against public sector workers. They are increasingly struggling to make ends meet as pay increases are failing to meet rising living costs."

Rehana Azam, of the GMB union, said: "People should be paid for the job they do not where they live.

"Performance-related pay does not work in the public sector - how do you judge it? A paramedic who saves the most lives? It doesn't make sense."

The Treasury declined to comment on ministers apparently having been informed about the reported proposals.



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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 23, 2018
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