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Revolt against the elites.

One of the more nauseating aspects of political discourse is when self-annointed elites like John Derbyshire attack the likes of Rush Limbaugh because they're uncomfortable with his tone ("How Radio Wrecks the Right," Feb. 23). Discussing the relative merits of highbrow vs. middlebrow and lowbrow chatter may give him an inflated sense of intellectual and moral superiority, but he's not fooling anyone. So let me make it simple: he is an elitist snob.

Derbyshire may have conservative sympathies, but he's not confident enough in his own ideology to stand up to liberals in his own profession. So he rails against intellectual superiors like Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and to some extent, Sean Hannity because he has convinced himself that they make him look bad.

Their appeal spans the universe of conservatives, from bluebloods in the Hamptons to hayseeds in the Ozarks. But a lightweight like Derbyshire is ill-equipped to account for the least of his Republican brethren in the face of Marxist pseudo-intellectuals. Apparently, they make him look bad in front of Biff, Malibu Ken, and the rest of the Harvard crew team.

But his mimosa-drinking liberal friends have no practical experience operating a business, they have never had to pay taxes and make payroll. They've won life's lottery. They live off the labors of their ancestry and do not have to give the first consideration to what makes an economy work. Those hayseed Limbaugh listeners may not possess Derbyshire's vocabulary, but they run rings around him in the real world. He's looking down his nose at his real superiors. That makes him a coward. Rarely has the combination of ignorance and arrogance been packaged so elegantly as in your self-important article.


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Author:Loughnane, Vincent
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Date:Mar 23, 2009
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