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Revival reduces hot flashes and night sweats.

A recent study from researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine shows that Revival Soy can reduce hot flashes and night sweats, while improving quality of life in menopausal women.

For this double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study of 93 postmenopausal women (average age - 56 years) subjects drank either one Revival Soy protein shake (20 grams of soy protein with about 160 mg of total soy isofiavones) per day or one placebo shake (20 grams of milk protein with no soy isofiavones) per day for 12 weeks.

Volunteers completed the Menopause-specific Quality of Life (MENQOL) questionnaire, which addressed four specific areas of postmenopausal quality of life: vasomotor (hot flashes and night sweats), psychosocial (mood), physical (stamina, sleep, aches, etc.) and sexual (intimacy).

Results showed that on average the women consuming the Revival Soy shake daily for 12 weeks saw an improvement (40% on average) in all four postmenopausal quality of life areas.
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Title Annotation:Research Highlights
Publication:Nutraceuticals World
Article Type:Clinical report
Date:Jul 1, 2009
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