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Articles from Revista CEFAC: Atualizacao Cientifica em Fonoaudiologia e Educacao (July 1, 2018)

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Analysis of the expansion of supply and demand of Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology courses in Brazil between 1994 and 2014. Moraes, Keiner Oliveira; Ribeiro, Urssula Aparecida Santos Leal; Furlan, Renata Maria Moraes Moreira 5726
Cochlear implant in a child diagnosed with Dandy-Walker Syndrome Variant: a study case. Pedret, Mariana dos Santos; Borges, Silvia; Avelino, Luiz Carlos, Jr.; Costa, Maria Beatriz Pedrett Report 4269
Exposure of tobacco farm working mothers to pesticides and the effects on the infants' auditory health. Buaski, Jaqueline Portella; Magni, Cristiana; Fujinaga, Cristina Ide; Gorski, Leslie Palma; De Conto 5178
Factors associated with vocal health and quality of life in teachers/professors. Lopes, Monica Carneiro Leao de Albuquerque; Fagundes, Sabrina Nathalia; Mousinho, Kristiana Cerqueir 8632
Management of the risk of bronchoaspiration in patients with oropharyngeal dysphagia. Carmo, Layanne Ferreira dos Santos; dos Santos, Fabiola Andrea Andrade; de Mendonga, Simonize Cunha 4243
Orofacial myofunctional characteristics of oral and oronasal breathers. de Mattos, Fabiola Maria Goncalves Felix 4413
Pain threshold, sleep quality and anxiety levels in individuals with temporomandibular disorders. de Melo Daher, Carla Raquel; da Cunha, Larissa Fernandes; de Lima Ferreira, Ana Paula; de Oliveira S 4324
Physiological methods as indexes of listening effort measurement: an integrative literature review. Guijo, Laura Mochiatti; Cardoso, Ana Claudia Vieira 4751
Posterior lingual frenulum in infants: occurrence and maneuver for visual inspection. Martinelli, Roberta Lopes de Castro; Marchesan, Irene Queiroz; Berretin-Felix, Giedre 2266
Relationship between cognitive and sociodemographic aspects and verbal fluency of active elderly. Souza, Monique Coan; Bernardes, Flavia Rodrigues; Machado, Camila Kretzer; Favoretto, Natalia Caroli 4982
Speech production assessment of mouth breathing children with hypertrophy of palatines and/or pharyngeal tonsils. Borox, Tamara; Leite, Ana Paula Dassie; Bagarollo, Maria Fernanda; de Alencar, Bruno Leonardo Freire 4767
Spelling performance of students with and without Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Pereira, Clarissa dos Santos; Pisacco, Nelba Maria Teixeira; Corso, Luciana Vellinho; Dorneles, Beat 8618
Ultrasonographic analysis of lateral liquids and coronal fricatives: judgment of experienced and non-experienced judges. de Castro Nunes de Lima, Fernanda Leitao; da Silva, Cassio Eduardo Esperandino; da Silva, Lidia Maur 3983
Vectoelectronystagmography in children with dyslexia and learning disorder. Leite, Ana Carla Romero; Stenico, Mariana Banzato; de Oliveira, Leticia Sampaio; Franco, Eloisa Sart 3594
Workers of the hospital maintenance sector: protection, hearing symptoms and noise exposure. Ramos, Flavia Elisa Antunes Lemes de Oliveira; de Lacerda, Adriana Bender Moreira; Albizu, Evelyn Jo 5970

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