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Revision of House of Delegates Policy "representation of CMAs in the ANA House of Delegates".

There are Bylaws changes that have been submitted by the ANA Board of Directors (BOD) for consideration by the 2012 House of Delegates (HOD) that: (a) reduce the number of ANA HOD delegates allotted to the Constituent Member Associations (CMAs) and the Individual Membership Division (IMD) and (b) place a cap on the total number of seats allotted to the IMD. This revision is proposed to assure that the relevant HOD policy is aligned with these proposed changes.

In addition, another Bylaws change submitted by the ANA BOD for consideration by the 2012 HOD proposes the term C/SNA (Constituent and State Nurses Association) in place of CMA (Constituent Member Association.) This proposed revision will correct this language in this HOD policy.

Finally, there is a current reference to a multi-state nurses association that is recognized as a C/SNA in the ANA Bylaws that is not mentioned in the current HOD Delegate Apportionment policy. This proposed revision addresses this omission and clarifies the apportionment of additional delegates to a multi-state association.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the American Nurses Association:

Amends footnote number 1 of the current policy entitled "Representation of CMAs in the ANA House of Delegates" to read as follows (amendment in bold font):

[.sup.1] That the IMD apportionment be:

* Based on the verified C/SNA dues paid to ANA in the 24 months ending December 31 of the even numbered years, an average dues per additional delegate will be computed.

* The ANA total dues paid by the IMD in the 24 months ending December 31 of the even numbered years shall be divided by the C/ SNA average dues per additional delegate to determine the number of additional delegates apportioned to the IMD from the seats designated for the IMD by ANA Bylaws. (The ANA Bylaws state that the total number of IMD delegates is capped at five percent of the delegate seats designated for the C/SNAs and IMD.) If the results of the calculation exceed.50, the number of apportioned delegates will be rounded up to the nearest whole number. For example, if the result of the calculation is 1.51 two additional delegate seats would be apportioned to the IMD.

Replaces "CMA" with "C/SNA" wherever used in the policy.

Adds a footnote that states "C/SNA also refers to a multi-state nurses association when it is recognized as a C/SNA."

This report was referred back to the ANA Board of Directors.

Reported by GNA Delegate Robert Keen


Finance Forum

The treasurer's report for the 2012 ANA House of Delegates left many concerns with the delegates. Many questions were raised concerning the cost versus revenue for the proposed new structure of ANA. The ANA treasurer was not able to address these concerns with any concrete data.

There was much concern for ANA's 2012-2013 budget due to the $3.5 million dollar membership loss from the suspension of the New York State Nurses Association. The treasurer discussed areas for cost cutting measures being instituted by the ANA CEO and staff. One area affected April 2012 was the freezing of the employee pension plan. New employees will not be included in this plan. ANA still has the 401K plan for employees.

On a positive note, ANA for three years, 2010, 2011 and 2012, has maintained around a 30 percent reserve of funds. The goal as required by the ANA Board of Directors for bank reserves is 25-50 percent. The audit for 2011 was given an unqualified opinion, which shows excellence in the fiduciary responsibility for ANA.

Reported by GNA Delegate Wanda Jones
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Author:Keen, Robert
Publication:Georgia Nursing
Date:Aug 1, 2012
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