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Revision Sawfly military eyeware system.

Shooters are finally grasping the concept that protective lenses are a must. Now, put yourself over in the sandbox somewhere and think about that. Goggles are great in sandstorms but restrict the field of view. Revision's "Sawfly" system offers high strength, wraparound, polycarbonate lenses with interchangeable one piece lenses in clear, high contrast (amber) and "solar" (sunglasses) colors. All provide 100-percent UV protection and can easily be worn with helmets or might vision gear. A lightweight insert fitting behind the lenses can accommodate prescription glasses without compromising the protection. Sawfly eyewear is issued to military units from the U.S., Canada. and the U.K. Now they are available to law enforcement and civilian users as well.

While the need for eye protection is obvious there is also an element of convenience and economy for the easily interchangeable lenses cover all the bases. And when 1 saw the ease with which prescription lenses could be accommodated this became a no-brainer. Before correction was necessary I must have had four or five different pairs of shooting glasses in all the colors, but having prescriptions for all of them was prohibitively expensive and I just got by with my everyday glasses with polycarbonate lenses. I'll still wear them, but now the Sawfly kit lives in the range bag.

The frames are lightweight with adjustable temples that should accommodate almost everyone. There's also a large-size set should that be necessary. The Deluxe kit seen here comes with three shields, an elastic head strap, a "microfiber storage mit" that doubles as a cleaning cloth and a hard case with clip for hanging belt or web gear.

For more info: Revision Eyewear, 87 Holly Court. Williston. VT05495. (802) 651-9889,


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Author:Petty, Charles E.
Publication:American Handgunner
Date:Jan 1, 2006
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