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Reviews: A tale of two halves; Albums.


VERDICT: *****

BIRMINGHAM'S own Fyfe Dangerfield would probably disagree but his band's debut album established Guillemots as English rock eccentrics, with something of the same epic, rural sensibility as British Sea Power. So it's startling when Red kicks in like the last great boy band, all irresistible R&B/pop hybrids. This is an album of two halves, though. From Cockateels on, the Guillemots we know are back and still on fine form.

SUPERGRASS: Diamond Hoo Ha

VERDICT: *****

WITH a Spinal Tap-esque video backstory concocted while bassist Mickey Quinn was recovering from his back injury, Gaz Coombes (AKA Duke Diamond) and Danny Goffey (AKA Randy Hoo Ha) return with their sixth album. It's a succession of exuberant stomps in a style they've christened Glunge - a mix of glam and grunge - and that's pretty much what they serve up, while wearing their influences well and truly on their sleeves.

FOALS: Antidotes

VERDICT: *****

OXFORD five-piece Foals once said their fingers were too small to play below the 12th fret, so all the guitars end up sounding like insects. And so it is with Antidotes. There is a trebly industriousness and urgency about this hotly tipped debut, where intricate melodies weave their way around hypnotic drum and bass patterns and punky, repetitive chants. Antidotes documents a mellower side to the band, with more varied textures and subtle moods.

DEATH ANGEL: Killing Season

VERDICT: *****

THRASH metal is enjoying something of a renaissance, although Death Angel continue to prove the old ones are still the best. As Exodus showed with last year's The Atrocity Exhibition, the behemoths of the Bay Area remain the supreme masters of the riff and Death Angel do not disappoint. Now, over to you, Metallica!


GUILLEMOTS... English rock eccentrics.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Mar 29, 2008
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