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Reviewers' listing--2012.


We would like to thank the following individuals for having
reviewed articles for us during the year 2012.

Bobkowski, Peter           - Assistant Professor, University of
                             Kansas, USA

Brei, Michael              - Assistant Professor of Economics at
                             EconomiX, University Paris Ouest,

Bustamante, Maria          - Institute of Medicine, Universiti
                             Brunei Darussalam

Carrell, Mike              - Northern Kentucky University, USA

Chadee, Derek              - University of the West Indies, St.
                             Augustine, Trinidad

Conyers, Diana             - Institute of Development Studies at
                             the University of Sussex, UK

Cosgrove-Sacks, Carol      - College of Europe, Bruges and
                             Europa Institute, Basel University,

Craigwell, Roland          - Department of Economics, UWI,
                             Cave Hill, Barbados

Daley, Dianne              - Head, Intellectual Property (IP)
                             Department, Kingston, Jamaica

Diaz-Rios, Luz             - Agriculture and Rural
                             Development, The World Bank,

Figueira, Daurius          - University of the West Indies, St.
                             Augustine, Trinidad

Gallouj, Faiz              - Professeur Faculte des Sciences
                             Economiques et Sociales
                             Universite Lille 1

Gleditsch, Nils Petter     - Research Professor, Peace Research
                             Institute Oslo, Norway

Hambleton, Ian             - Chronic Disease Research Centre,
                             UWI, St. Augustine, Trinidad

Handwerker, W. Penn        - University of Connecticut, USA

Hatchard, John             - The School of Law, The Open
                             University Business School, UK

Holder, Calvin             - Professor and Director of the
                             African American Studies Program,
                             College of Staten Island, New York,

Jackson, Jason             - Massachusetts Institute of
                             Technology, USA

Johnson, Hume              - Assistant Professor - Media and
                             Communications, Roger Williams
                             University, Rhode Island, USA

Knutson, Ron               - Department of Agricultural
                             Economics, Texas A&M University,

Korres, George             - Associate Professor, University of
                             the Aegean and Visiting Fellow,
                             University of Newcastle

Kostic, Aleksandra         - Department of Philosophy,
                             University of Nis, Serbia

Laidler, David Ernest      - Dept. of Economics, University of
                             Western Ontario, Canada

Lew, Charlene              - CSP, Senior Programme Manager,
                             Gordon Institute of Business
                             Science, University of Pretoria,
                             South Africa
Lobdell, Richard           - Professor of Economics, University
                             of Manitoba, Canada

Lodge, Junior              - WTO Negotiations, CARICOM
                             Office of Trade Negotiations,

London, Manuel             - Center for Human Resource
                             Management, Undergraduate
                             College of Leadership & Service,
                             Harriman Hall, SUNY-Stony Brook,

Masson, Paul               - Rotman School of Management,
                             University of Toronto, Canada

McEwen, Thaddeus           - School of Business and Economics,
                             North Carolina A&T State
                             University, USA

Mendel, Toby               - Executive Director, Centre for Law
                             and Democracy, Halifax, Canada

Muwanga-Zake, Johnnie      - University of Greenwich, London,

Olsen, Reed                - Missouri State University, USA

Ovseiko, Pavel             - John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford,

Ramsaran, Dave             - Susquehanna University, USA

Rathke, Alexander          - University of Zurich, Switzerland

Rattani, Salma             - Aga Khan University School of
                             Nursing, Pakistan

Rolph, David               - Sydney Law School, University of

Schoburgh, Eris            - Department of Government, UWI,
                             Mona, Jamaica

Shelton, Dinah             - The George Washington University
                             Law School, USA

Suarez, Sandra             - Department of Political Science,
                             Temple University, USA

Vickerman, Milton          - Department of Sociology,
                             University of Virginia,
                             Charlottesville, USA

Volcansek, Mary            - Executive Director, Center for Texas
                             Studies, Texas
                             Christian University, USA

Walther, Carol             - Northern Illinois University, USA

Williams, David            - Harvard School of Public Health,
                             Harvard University, USA

Wylde, Christopher         - Teaching Fellow, Department of
                             Politics, University of York, UK
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Publication:Social and Economic Studies
Date:Dec 1, 2012
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