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Reviewer not a fan of Jack's; VIEWPOINTS.

I AM writing in reply to the review of Jack Johnson at Cardiff International Arena by Clare Hutchinson (July 1).

There are several points I have to disagree with. The bassist Merlo Podlewski is not a lively bassist but then again do you need to be lively in an acousticstyle band? Although Jack's song Staple It Together brought out the liveliness in Merlo when he began to rap!

I went to see him on June 26 at the Eden Project and it was a completely different atmosphere - not better but equally as good.

Although they seemed more relaxed in Eden, still Merlo brought the chair out. They did this at Glastonbury, too. Zach Gill's performance was excellent, but not better then Jack's. They were equally as good as each other!

Your reviewer is right that Jack Johnson did keep the crowd waiting while he was back stage learning the chords (not lyrics) for Angel. The song was a request from a couple who had been married for five years and Angel was not on the set list of the tour so he did it out of kindness!

It is clear the critic is not a fan of Jack and his music and I think the negative review may put people off seeing him, but I have to say each time I saw Jack and the band they were immense.

I think his voice was really good, the guitar playing was spot on and there was a full sound from the band! Credit to Jack for a two-hour set when a lot of top artists play for under an hour.

By the way, I went with my family in a VW camper van, not a Ford Focus as suggested in the review.

* Joe Harding


Jack Johnson
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 7, 2010
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