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Articles from Reviewer's Bookwatch (January 1, 2005)

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@hell. Jackson, Nancy Book Review 354
9 Steps for Reversing or Preventing Cancer and Other Diseases. Stuart, Sharon Book Review 173
A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Writings. Hodgins, Pete Book Review 568
A Mind Patient and Untamed. Bethany, Susan Book Review 174
A Posturing of Fools. Broussard, Tracey Book Review 497
A Silver Camp Called Creede. Carson, Michael J. Book Review 124
A Tenderfoot in Montana. Buhle, Willis M. Book Review 199
All American: the Rise and Fall of Jim Thorpe. Burroughs, John Book Review 242
America's First Frogman. Burroughs, John Book Review 131
America's Right Turn. Vogel, Paul T. Book Review 167
Atlas. Hogan, Betsy L. Book Review 187
Beginning Again. Taylor, John Book Review 143
Being Rita Hayworth: Labor, Identity and Hollywood Stardom. Volk, Carol Book Review 166
Binge Drinking & Youth Culture. Buhle, Willis M. Book Review 172
Blow Fly. Gorden, S.A. Book Review 190
Blue Venus. Hogan, Betsy L. Book Review 209
Boneyard Volume Three. Lane, Margaret Book Review 212
Brandywine's War: Back in Country. Williams, Les Book Review 442
Buddha's Table. Volk, Carol Book Review 116
Carolina Journeys. Volk, Carol Book Review 120
Choose a Better Road: Tips for Life's Traffic Jams. Bethany, Susan Book Review 128
Cowboy Goremay. Volk, Carol Book Review 122
Crisis Management in Japan & the United States. Carson, Michael J. Book Review 157
Dangerous Comrades: a Misadventure in Gang Affiliation. Nelson, Shannon Louise Book Review 432
Deaf Hearing Boy. Burroughs, John Book Review 211
Death of a Dancer. Calvani, Mayra Book Review 341
Disaster Psychiatry. Hogan, Betsy L. Book Review 131
DNA & Tradition. Greenspan, Able Book Review 186
Dorothy Day: Champion of the Poor. Taylor, John Book Review 94
Essence. Jackson, Nancy Book Review 393
European Confession. Bond, Steve Book Review 519
Faith That Dares to Speak. Taylor, John Book Review 149
Farming in San Francisco. Hogan, Betsy L. Book Review 143
Flashback Through the Heart. Hogan, Betsy L. Book Review 132
Florence Nightingale's European Travels. Stuart, Sharon Book Review 149
Fort Worth. Buhle, Willis M. Book Review 196
Going Deeper. Roe, Shirley Book Review 249
Growing People Through Small Groups. Bethany, Susan Book Review 163
How Cartels Endure and How They Fail. Buhle, Willis M. Book Review 163
Incentives for Change. Stuart, Sharon Book Review 147
Iraq: a Journey of Hope and Peace. Bethany, Susan Book Review 196
It Feels Like Snow. Hutmacher, Kimberly Book Review 169
Just One Pot. Volk, Carol Book Review 146
Karl Rahner: Spiritual Writings. Taylor, John Book Review 176
Lordship, Reform, and the Development of Civil Society in Medieval Italy. Buhle, Willis M. Book Review 146
Madam Pele. Hogan, Betsy L. Book Review 105
Mary, Worthy of All Praise. Taylor, John Book Review 140
Master Your Panic and Take Back Your Life. Hogan, Betsy L. Book Review 136
Meeting the Professor. Buhle, Willis M. Book Review 190
My Favorite Mistake. Levine, Melissa Brown Book Review 300
My New Mediterranean Cookbook. Volk, Carol Book Review 117
Office Superman. Carson, Michael J. Book Review 167
Oneida Iroquois: Folklore, Myth, and History. Lane, Margaret Book Review 113
Our Oldest Enemy: a History of America's Disastrous Relationship with France. Goldman, Norman Book Review 676
Out-of-Body Exploring. Lane, Margaret Book Review 151
Parenting Children with ADHD. Volk, Carol Book Review 124
Perl Core Language Little Black Book. Carson, Michael J. Book Review 119
Play the King's Indian. Vogel, Paul T. Book Review 142
Pox Americana. Vogel, Paul T. Book Review 172
Psychiatric Movements. Carson, Michael J. Book Review 163
Pulpit and Politics. Carson, Michael J. Book Review 132
Reminders from God. Taylor, John Book Review 163
Saratogan Trees. French, Christy Tillery Book Review 208
Secrets of Connecting Leadership & Learning with Humor. Carson, Michael J. Book Review 125
Sense of Evil. Gorden, S.A. Book Review 243
Sex, Lies, & Politics: the Naked Truth. Fortenberry, Thomas Book Review 574
Shadowed Remembrances. Jackson, Nancy Book Review 329
Signed with their Honor. Hogan, Betsy L. Book Review 153
Snow. Hutmacher, Kimberly Book Review 122
Species Written. Jackson, Nancy Book Review 390
Spin Sisters. Smith, S. Daniel Book Review 391
Spirited Men. Taylor, John Book Review 147
Stones and Marks. Burroughs, John Book Review 124
Strange Valley. Calvani, Mayra Book Review 393
Team of the Century. Burroughs, John Book Review 128
The Ancient American Civilizations. Fortenberry, Thomas Book Review 486
The Children of God "The Family". Bethany, Susan Book Review 173
The Church that Forgot Christ. Fortenberry, Thomas Book Review 575
The Cinquefoil Connection. Goldman, Norman Book Review 430
The Clinton Riddle. Vogel, Paul T. Book Review 179
The Crow on The Golden Arches. Vroman, Barbara Fitz Book Review 464
The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America. Mathews, Terry Book Review 221
The Essential Shakespeare Handbook. Fortenberry, Thomas Book Review 473
The Fall of Never. Jackson, Nancy Book Review 417
The Fine Art of Fundraising. Volk, Carol Book Review 160
The Gospel According to Disney. Taylor, John Book Review 168
The Gospel of Thomas. Taylor, John Book Review 175
The Hope of the Air. Hogan, Betsy L. Book Review 142
The Lo-Tech Navigator. Burroughs, John Book Review 134
The Maecenas and the Madrigalist. Burroughs, John Book Review 109
The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum. Lane, Margaret Book Review 127
The Music of the Spheres: a Novel. Hodgins, Pete Book Review 1142
The Mysterious Golden Seed. Bethany, Susan Book Review 115
The New York Times Book of Fossils and Evolution. Fortenberry, Thomas Book Review 497
The Perfect Prayer. Bethany, Susan Book Review 195
The Pilates Prescription for Back Pain. Hogan, Betsy L. Book Review 150
The Silver Spoon. McCune, Alisa Book Review 415
The Snowflake Sisters. Hutmacher, Kimberly Book Review 130
The Spirit of a True Believer. Taylor, John Book Review 151
The Undergraduate's Companion to Arab Writers and Their Web Sites. Burroughs, John Book Review 197
They All Sang My Songs. Buhle, Willis M. Book Review 192
Uncharted Journey. Burroughs, John Book Review 118
Visual Effects for Film & Television. Burroughs, John Book Review 175
We Won the Battle ... are We Losing the War? Bethany, Susan Book Review 219
What Matters Blood. French, Christy Tillery Book Review 218
When in Rome or Rio or Riyadh. Burroughs, John Book Review 192
When the Road Seems Too Steep. Taylor, John Book Review 142
Why Not Take a Chance. Bethany, Susan Book Review 168
Zen Parenting. Volk, Carol Book Review 117

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