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Review of the Shoft[TM] car seat belt tensioner.

Some two months ago I was requested to review the above device which claims to be: "your seat belts best friend" and an "innovative seat belt accessory that can enhance safety and posture"

Accordingly, I perused the instructions that came in the retail blister pack containing what looked like two handles, but which in fact were the devices that are essentially covers that fit over the frame of the seat belts metal tongue. On a purely personal note I found the diagrams on a small insert sheet that came with the pack as fitting instructions to be initially a little confusing, this may have been due to the fumes of last nights cotes du plonk' or simply that I kept trying to "push one end of the seat belt tongue inside your shoft" as the caption on a rather small diagram exhorted. In fact, once I figured out it meant what I would call the back of the buckles frame, and not what I would call "the tongue" that pushes into the belts socket, all became clear and it was fitted in seconds.

Rather cunningly, to check if it was due to a lack of "savoir faire" on my part, I returned the items to their package and gave them initially to wife Meg and then to 13yr old Granddaughter Liz to fit, and timed them from opening the packet to fitting the device. Unfortunately, they both accomplished all tasks in less than 60 seconds. On questioning, they both pointed to the very large full colour photograph of the fitted device that is on the front of the package, and said they didn't bother to read the instructions because it's obvious how to fit it.

Moving swiftly on, what can I say about the devices having used them for a number of weeks? Well, they do hold the lap section of the belt firmly across one's lap and therefore do not allow you to slouch' in your seat, so they do exactly what they claim.

As a Pod' my posture is terrible with bending over feet all day, and any time soon I expect to develop a widow's hump, although haven't got one yet--(perhaps the cotes du plonk is maintaining my skeletal system at the cost of eliminating neurons?). Because I did not have back problems to begin with I did not notice any improvement in a nonexistent problem for myself, yet I do know professionally that lower back pain is a substantial problem for many. Accordingly, I feel it to be a quite reasonable claim on the manufacturers part that this simple, and relatively inexpensive device will benefit backs and ensure your seat belt performs optimally.

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Martin Harvey PGC BSc MInstChP

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Author:Harvey, Martin
Publication:Podiatry Review
Date:Oct 1, 2017
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