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Review editor's note.

Re: Heartsongby Kevin Crossley Holland, illustrated by Jane Ray and reviewed in Vol 64:1.

Jane and Kevin would like to respond to Susan Elkin's criticism, in her otherwise very welcome review of their book Heartsong, of their research into the instrument played by Laura.

During her research, Jane found that the 'flute a bec, which looked very like the recorder, was a precursor to the familiar 'transverse flute' only adopted later in Vivaldi's lifetime. It is likely that this is the instrument Laura would have played.

Because the flute a bec looks so like a recorder, the confusion is not surprising and there should perhaps have been an historical note in the book to explain how the flute developed during the course of the 18th Century. We will be including this in subsequent editions of the book.

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Publication:School Librarian
Date:Jun 22, 2016
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