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Review Of The Fourth International Nonwovens Symposium.

Event draws nonwovens crowd from cotton conference

Approximately 50 people attended the Fourth International Nonwovens Symposium on January 11-13. The event was held during the 2001 Beltwide Cotton Conferences held in Anaheim, CA from January 9-13. The symposium, which featured 28 invited speakers and five poster presentations, was designed to address the important facets of the nonwovens industry.

The symposium opened on Thursday, January 11 with a first session chaired by Dr. D.V. Parikh, nonwovens research head for the SRRC Center, New Orleans, LA. The session began with a welcome by Dr. John Patrick Jordan, director of the SRRC Center; Dr. Andrew Jordan, director of technical services for the National Cotton Council, Memphis, TN and Mac McLean, manager, nonwovens research and implementation, Cotton Incorporated, Raleigh, NC. The speakers discussed nonwovens' role as the fastest growing segment of the textile market, as well as U.S. nonwovens research and manufacturing.

Also during the first session Larry Wadsworth, professor and senior executive for TANDEC, Knoxville, TN, presented the keynote address, "New Developments In Nonwovens For Hygiene And Apparel Products." The paper discussed recent innovations that have driven growth within the industry, as well as other innovations for the future. Mr. McClean presented his paper, "Cotton Nonwoven Innovations" while Dr. D.K. Smith of Johnson & Associates, Mesa, AZ, made his presentation titled "Natural Fibers In Nonwoven Processes."

The second session was presided by Dr. Noelie Bertoniere, research leader of cotton textile chemistry for the SRRC Center. Presentations included "Electrospinning Nonwovens For Cotton Fabric Coatings," which was given by Heidi Schreuder-Gibson, Philip Gibson and John Walker from the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Center, Natick, MA; Tu-chen Cheng of the U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center, Aberdeen Proving Group, MD and Christine Sun and Dong Zhang from the Textiles Nonwovens Development Center, Knoxville, TN. Other examples from this session included "Influence Of Bonding Temperature On The Properties Of Highloft Fabrics," presented by Dr. O. Jirsak and R. Kotisova of TUL, Czech Republic and Terry Saunders of Georgia Textile Machinery, Dalton, GA.

Session three was chaired by Dr. Norman Lifshutz, senior research fellow at Hollingsworth & Vose, East Walpole, MA. Papers included "Absorbency--An Overview," by Dr. Blunender Gupta of the College of Textiles, NC State University, Raleigh, NC and "The Effect Of Cross-Linking On The Response Of Cellulose Fiber Filtration Media To A High Humidity Environment," by Dr. Lifshutz and Donna Horvath of H&V. The third session also included "Current And Future Trends: The NorthAmerican Nonwovens Industry," presented by Ted Wirtz, president of INDA, Association of the Nonwovens Fabrics Industry, Cary, NC. Session four, which was presided over by Dr. Gajanan Bhat of TANDEC, included "Image-Based Multifunction Instruments For Automated Non-woven Web Structure Analysis," by Dr. R.R. Bresee and Dr. Z. Yan from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN. Other papers included "Production Of Cotton Nonwoven Fabrics On Hi Technology Needleloom," by Dr. Seshadri Ramkumar of Texas Tech University, International Textile Center, Lubbock, TX and Dr. A.P.S. Sawhney of the SRRC Center.

Jeff Myatt, vice president R&D for Janesville & Co., Norwalk, OH, chaired session five, which included "Kenaf Fibers For Automotive Nonwovens," by Dr. Parikh, Dr. T.A. Calamari and Dr. Sawhney of the SRRC Center and Dr. Mary Ann Warnock of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR. Other papers included "Inspection of Nonwoven Webs Using Smart Cameras," presented by Drs. Sujoy Guha and Robin Becker, Wintriss Engineering, San Diego, CA and "Characterizing Absorption In Nonwovens," by Andrew Kallmes, MK Systems, Danvers, MA. Session six, chaired by Dr. D.K. Smith, consultant and editor of both the International Nonwovens Journal and Nonwovens Patent News, included a presentation by Alfred Watzl and Jorg Eisenacher of Fleissner GmbH, Egelsbach, Germany and Don Gillespie, vice president of Fleissner Inc., Charlotte, NC, titled, "Nonwovens & Lifestyles," as well as "Spunlace Principles And Systems As Related To Cotton And Cellulosic Fibers," by Daniel Feroe of Rieter Perfojet, Greensboro, NC.

The seventh session was led by Mr. Gillespie of Fleissner and included a presentation by Georgia Textile Machinery's Mr. Saunders on 'Artificial Leather Markets In Asia" along with a paper by Dr. D. Stryjewski of the University of Bremen titled, "The Lightweight Potential Of Natural Fiber-Based Composites In Automotive Interiors." Also during this session was "Properties Of Ramie/Cotton Nonwovens," by Drs. O. Chiparus and I. Negulescu of Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA and Drs. X. Cui and Calamari of the SRRC Center, as well as "Glass Microfibers In Cellulose--Pulp Enhancement," presented by H&V's Dr. Lifshutz.

Session eight, which was chaired by Dr. Goswami of Clemson, featured "X-Ray Crystallography Of Bleached And Mercerized Cottons Crosslinked With Form W," by Drs. Devron Thibodeaux and Parikh of the SRRC Center. Other paper topics included "Increasing Efficiency In Nonwovens Production Through Professional Development," by Frank Dueck of John D. Hollingsworth On Wheels, Greensville, SC
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