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Review Free SHS Policy every 3 or 4 years -Prof. Millar.

THE FOUNDER and President of Millar Open University in Bolgatanga, Prof. David Millar has proposed periodic review of the Free Senior High School Policy to enhance its effectiveness.

Serving as the main speaker at a public lecture organised by Bolgatanga-based A1 Radio on Tuesday as part of the radio station's 10th Anniversary celebrations, the former Pro-Vice Chancellor of University for Development Studies said the implementation of the policy was good for the development of the country and should be allowed to stay.

Speaking on the topic, 'Contemporary reforms in the educational sector; which way to go', Prof. Millar further proposed that the policy should be allowed to run for at least twelve years but should be reviewed either every three or four years.

He said. 'This Free SHS policy, let's give say about twelve years but every three years, let's review it or every four years, let's review it such that it cuts across three or two succession governments. Review it, and normally, the policy is always the right thing.'

Prof. Millar observed that Ghana has nice policies but the implementation of those policies was the bane of the country stressing that if those policies were given a long term, it would give room to revise implementation strategies of the policies.

He said, 'Don't make it complicated with bringing another thing that says that something else should be or should not be. Let's mount this one and let's give it long term but build in reviews, periodic reviews.

'So it was very welcoming when all those who are sitting on the other side of the fence of the current government, indicated that they will review, and I said naturally, so be it. If we had heard, they would cancel, hey! Then we would have problems because we are not ready for that.'

Prof. Millar also said if he had his way, he would have suggested that nobody should campaign on free education because it is a non-issue and it has come to stay.

'We should only campaign on how you are going to make it better, that is how the campaign message should be. Now, let me be specific. How would NPP make it better if it's given another chance, how will NDC make better and how would any other party that would be vying make it better, not that we are going to discuss whether it should be there or not. And after twelve years of this, we can now decide we have had enough and then do a major reform again.

On his part, Upper East Regional Director of Education, Mr. Augustine Ayirizang, regretted that some parents in the region have relegated their children's education to the background and rather focus their attention social activities such as funeral.

He said, 'Most often than not, some parents' lifestyle don't help their children in education, as they rather spend much on their relatives' funeral to the detriment of their wards education.

If parents can contribute in solving current educational challenges, it will help, not the government but to their children. Parents have equal roles to play as government because education is key to our current development. Therefore, parents should contribute the little they can to help their wards learning and understanding.'

A1 Radio was established in 2009 and has been the lead private radio station in the Upper East Region.

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Publication:Ghanaian Chronicle (Accra, Ghana)
Date:Aug 29, 2019
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