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Review: MOVIES: Hair we go again.



ANOTHER film, another face fungus for John Travolta as a mysterious tycoon with plans to break his way into the world banking system computers.

Though less hairy than in last year's top turkey Battlefield Earth, Travolta still recklessly sports a lush mane and a silly goatee as arrogant spy Gabriel Shear in this stylishly mindless action thriller.

Shear claims to be a superpatriot, but that doesn't stop him from being supergreedy, which is why he needs expert hacker Stanley Jobson (Hugh Jackman) to help him access cyberspace for potential billions.

Foxy co-star Halle Berry may or may not be on Gabriel's team, but hard man Vinnie Jones in yet another smart suit is definitely with the baddies.

Tyres screech, helicopters swoop, explosives detonate and Berry bares her breasts - which is pretty much all you need to know about this comic strip mayhem.


THIS time round Eddie Murphy as the medic with a gift for animal-speak swaps his San Francisco surgery for green politics after being persuaded by his furry friends to save the forest.

That means finding a nearby endangered species. Enter big bear Archie who needs the good doctor to act as matchmaker with potential mate Ava (voiced by Lisa Kudrow of Friends).

So he talks to the animals again but if you are a Murphy fan you'd still be better off watching the comic star as a wisecracking cartoon donkey in Shrek.


A BETTER title would be The Joyless of Sex for this dour if oddly compelling drama about a couple who meet only for weekly bouts of frenzied lovemaking in a messy London flat.

The anonymous arrangement seems to suit housewife Claire (Kerry Fox) but eventually barman Jay (Mark Rylance) becomes desperate to discover something more about her other life.

Like Last Tango In Paris with, if you'd pardon the expression, knobs on, the actors bravely and graphically strut their sexual stuff in an otherwise arty tale most definitely not for the dirty raincoat crowd.


RESEMBLING a slightly older version of Rugrats, another popular TV cartoon series makes it to the big screen with the jolly story of how little T.J. Detweiler and his 10-year-old school pals saved the world from a vengeful former headteacher.


ACTING THE GOATEE: Travolta and Hugh Jackman
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 29, 2001
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