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Reverse osmosis desalinator.

Formal PMS has now been issued for SSN 688 Class boats that have the Submarine Escape and Immersion Equipment (SEIE) suit SHIPALT. This new PMS now covers the reverse osmosis desalinators that were issued with this SHIPALT. SUBMEPP Portsmouth NH issued this PMS under letter Ser 1814.6/300 dated 15 August 2003. The letter provided users with MIP facsimile H-409/TBD-63, MRC facsimile Q-1R (Syscom:63AAAN) and MRC facsimile 48M-1R (Syscom:63BBBBN) and was sent to each boat's 3M Coordinator. Final MIP and MRC Syscom numbers will be issued at a later date. MRC Q-1R has the user perform a visual inspection of the desalinator. MRC 48M1R has the user test operate the desalinator. If the date of manufacture of your desalinator is greater than 48 months, you must perform both MRCs upon receipt. Review the materials list as soon as you get the PMS. During my last several surveys all of the desalinators were on average 60 months or older in age. Don't wait until your life depends on it to check and see if this piece of survival equipment works.
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Title Annotation:submarines
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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