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Reverb Imperial Pilsner Boulevard Brewing Co. Kansas City, MO.


The great American pilsners can be counted on the fingers of one hand, great American imperial pilsners are even less common. Reverb is a revival of a Boulevard Imperial Pilsner brewed in 2009 with the collaboration of Orval brewmaster Jean-Marie Rock. This new version is 7.7% ABV, and 30 IBU, made with 100% Pilsner malt, and all Saaz hops.

We tasted Reverb against two other American imperial pilsners, and this one was tops in its class. While the other beers in the flight came off as random hoppy beers, Reverb is a perfectly defined strong pilsner.

"Nice soft nose, hop with a little malt sweetness too," said taster Greg Zannella of Northeast Distributing.

"Gorgeous nose," Gregg Glaser agreed. "Saaz floral, and a rich maltiness. A very inviting beer!"

"Love it! Very soft delicate hop nose and malt," said David Talbot of Ultimate Beverage Challenge. "So smooth, with nice carbonation. It tingles on the tongue. This would be great with fatty cheeses, it would cut them very well. The sweetness, the body, the lemony flavor, this is a great beer."

"Wonderful sweet citrusy flavor," Robert Lachman echoed. "Lemony!"

"Alcohol is present and I like that heat, it carries the flavor," said guest taster and brewer Matt Bacco. "And it's a nice flavor, not just over-dry hops on malt."

"They took a pilsner, and they took it up a notch," said Dr. Steve Victor. "Not too hoppy, not too sweet, this is just right." "Wonderful malt in the mid-palate," Gregg Glaser commented.

"I like this," said Greg Zannella. "A lot of the Imperial Pilsners out there aren't really Imperial Pilsners. This one is all over it, it defines the style. I've never had an imperial pilsner that nails it like this. A great beer to get hammered on!" "A very refreshing beer," said the more moderate Frank Whitman. "Crisp and intensely sessionable."
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Title Annotation:Brew Notes: Several recent favorites
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 7, 2012
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