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Revcube Launches First Software Platform to Automatically Optimize Marketing.

Revcube Works Across All Online Channels and Delivers Strategic Insights to Marketers to Drive Better Decisions and Attract High Quality Customers

SAN FRANCISCO -- Revcube today announced the launch of its flagship product, the first software platform to truly provide integrated marketing by automatically optimizing online campaigns. The software automatically manages all aspects of a campaign including paid search, banner advertising, email, landing pages and other digital media channels.

Revcube has been working behind the scenes for two years developing technology that uses proprietary algorithms and business intelligence to determine which elements are the most effective at driving online conversions. These 'learnings' are then applied in real time, in order to acquire a higher volume of high quality customers. By taking action on data rather than just reporting it, the software's automated approach helps online marketers eliminate the tactical and highly inefficient aspects of optimizing online marketing campaigns. The platform maximizes marketing budgets, reports results and provides customer and market insight. In this way, Revcube takes online marketing out of the world of back-office spreadsheets and imbeds it into the strategic fiber of an organization.

Marketing professionals at companies with significant online campaigns can greatly increase their return on investment by using Revcube's automated, easy-to-understand tools for running their online marketing campaigns. Revcube is already working with several name-brand customers, with additional companies engaged in pilot projects.

"Our results working with Revcube have been impressive and given us valuable knowledge about our target audience," said Marie Nilsson, HomeGain's director of business development. "By implementing an automated process and receiving more accurate insights into how our consumers are responding to our marketing activities, we are now able to make better decisions faster."

Not to be confused with performance marketing, Revcube's approach is ideal for the advertiser. It gives complete control to the marketer, allowing him or her to see deeply into the data behind every click and conversion. This next generation of online marketing technology and services allows the advertiser to optimize in real time and acquire customers, not only with search terms but also banner placements, contextual ads and other digital media. This holistic approach gives marketers a greater amount of control and power, which will help move the industry into the next phase of maturity, with Revcube leading the way.

"We built this platform to remove the guesswork and manual processes in online marketing to help marketers become more strategic," said Chris Raniere, Revcube's CEO and founder. "Despite the unprecedented growth and impact of online marketing, the process for managing, optimizing and deriving strategic insight from digital marketing campaigns is fraught with inefficiencies. Revcube is focused on eliminating these inefficiencies and driving insight to elevate online marketing to finally achieve the strategic seat at the corporate table it deserves."

About Revcube

Revcube increases marketing productivity by automatically integrating online marketing campaigns. Revcube has developed intelligent customer acquisition software that enables marketers and advertisers to automate and optimize multi-channel online ad campaigns to maximize return on ad dollars spent. Revcube's proprietary Learn and Apply[TM] technology automatically manages all aspects of a campaign including paid search, banner advertising, email and other digital media channels. This platform approach maximizes marketing budgets, reports results and provides customer and market visibility so marketers can be more strategic with their online marketing campaigns. The company also provides professional services including integration, training and consulting. Revcube is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information visit
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 12, 2007
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