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Revalidation: responses to our survey findings.

I don't feel there will be protected time to complete the new revalidation which means it will be another thing to add to my list of work that I do in my own time.

The info on NMC website is very comprehensive.

The information that has been provided has been beneficial. I do hope that if there are concerns colleagues will be confident regarding 'raising concerns' processes.

The revalidation process is something that I know little about, I am unsure about when I need to start collecting this information and when it requires to be submitted. As a health visitor in an area that has high vulnerability and at least 94 hours down for HV hours, the day-today working is stressful and allows no time to reflect or gather evidence for revalidation. This will need to be undertaken during 'precious time at home, which will add more pressure on individual practitioners.

The guidance documentation was essential and supported the process. Additional support from professional officers was very useful.

Compiling the information was interesting and I have learnt so much about myself. I know the benefits of gathering feedback and reflecting and will be more systematic in this pursuit from this point forward.

I found it helpful. It's certainly made me ^ think more about how to record my CPD and reflect on my practice. I do have a supportive manager however so wonder if experience could have been worse if I didn't have that support.

Much easier that expected. There was a lot of support, before and during the process.

A little daunting at first however having taken part I feel the evidence required will ensure nurses make a conscious effort to keep up-to-date with practice and continue to reflect on practice.

Not as onerous as I thought although it took quite a bit of time. I particularly found the professional discussion useful.

I found that the process wasn't difficult but the evidence plus someone to say that it is correct doesn't give me the confidence for the safety of the public.

Had I not attended the CPHVA regional training session I would have had little knowledge or understanding of revalidation.

If too onerous it will make me take early retirement. I've had enough of being treated like an idiot by an incompetent organisation that is not fit for purpose. I am a professional.

I am concerned that at a time when recourses are so stretched, both in terms of time and money, it will be a paper-based exercise causing anxiety for hard working conscientious nurses and will not achieve it aims.

I am committed to the principle of revalidation especially in the wake of some of the adverse publicity and recent news (eg. Victorino Chau in Stepping Hill and the midwives at Furness General).

I would like to think that had these practitioners been subject to properly executed revalidation it may have saved lives. My worry is that revalidation will become a tick box exercise with no real currency in ensuring safe practice.

Our trust have explained it to us--I need to sit down and spend time looking at what is needed and then hope that what I produce is what is expected. Finding time is the biggest issue for me.

I hope revalidation will root out lazy, unkind, uninformed, unsafe nurses.

I have had some useful basic info from my employer but it was this Community Practitioner revalidation survey that prompted me to visit the NMC website and find out more.

I am leading on revalidation in my trust, I feel well informed but only because I go looking.

I received no information when I failed to renew my registration.

I am aware that it will be a requirement but other than that I know nothing about how it will work or how it will differ from simply recording CPD activity as I have always done.

One leaflet from the NMC is hardly enough. I pay 120 [pounds sterling] per year to the NMC. What for? How are they going to support me in revalidation?

Not received any info. I did not even know this was happening until I read the email to take this questionnaire regarding revalidation.
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