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I am trying to trace Miss Adela Hopkinson who would now be about 91, or her relatives if she is no longer alive. Before and during the Second World War she was living with her family at 332 Armstrong Road, Benwell, Newcastle.

My father, Vincent Maskens, who died in December 2001, aged 89, kept in a suitcase full of all the letters he received from family and friends when he was in the Royal Navy during the war and when he lived in Australia.

His work took him to live in Newcastle to work for the Empire Bacon Curing Company from 1938 to 1940. Then he moved to Australia for two years.

Among his letters I found a set from Adela Hopkinson, writing to him in Australia from May, 1939 to May, 1940. I have no idea what happened to her or whether she married or not. My father met and married my mother after the war.

Adela used to attend Benwell St James' Church but the current vicar there has been unable to trace her despite extensive inquiries.

She is a delightful correspondent and her letters cover the historically interesting period of the outbreak of war and the severe winter of 1940.

I would like her relatives to have the opportunity of enjoying them as I have. She worked for the Milk Marketing Board in Newcastle and had a younger brother, Trevor, who would now be about 81.

If this fails then I intend to donate the letters and some photographs to the Northumberland County Archive who said they would be pleased to receive them.

GILLIAN WADMAN, 89 Park Drive, Winchmore Hill, London, N21 2LT. Tel: 0208 360 1702.

WE are trying to contact anyone who attended Pendower School for Girls (1949-53) for a reunion for April 2004, and would like to hear from girls of that period who would like to join us.

Please contact one of the following:

Dorothy Stewart,(0191) 216 1400; Cathy McDonald, (0191) 267 7097; Dorothy Hawthorntwaite,(0191) 529 3513.

Hope you are out there and would like to join us.


I AM seeking the relatives of Carl Johan Pettersson, who was born on September 5, 1848 in Myckleby in Sweden, and his son, Johan Sander Pettersson, who was born on November 19 1877, in Torps County in Sweden. Both were on a boat called Blenheim, the year was 1901 and the place was Newcastle.

Are there any relatives of these two people or if anyone knows something I would be grateful if you could write to me.

MONICA STENQVIST, Allst 211, 873 92 Bollstabruk, Sweden.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 18, 2003
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