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Reunions & claims.

REUNION COORDINATORS: To publicize your unit's reunion, fill out the form on page 47 of the February 2003 VFW magazine or print out a form byre VFW's website: Send to VFW magazine, 406 W. 34th St., Suite 523, Kansas City, MO 64111. Please note that improperly completed or illegible forms will be discarded. Submit four months in advance of reunion date. Proposed reunions will be listed only when space is available. This is a free service to VFW members only.
351st Bomb Gp (Polebrook, Eng., WWII): Clint Hammond
  (717) 766-1489
487th Bomb Gp, 8th AF (WWII): Henry Hughey (770) 939-2462
494th Bomb Gp (H) (WWII): Bill Goodman (313) 886-0736
58th Ftr/Bomb Wing, incl 474th Ftr/Bomb Gp,
  69th/310th/311th/428th/429th/430th Ftr/Bomb Sqdns:
  A.J Kupferer (812)945-7649;
622nd AREFS (air refueling sqdn)(1955-64): John Needham
  (352) 371-3641;
USAF OCS Classes 63-A/B/C: Bob Ackerman (707) 933-9269;

56th Ftr Gp (all units): Ron Brubaker (304) 866-4415;
5th Bomb Gp of 13th AF (SW Pac): Stuart Felton
  (317) 849-3211;

101st Abn, B 2/501: Jim Julien (816)356-5003;
150th Engr(C) Bn: Alexander W. MacIsaac (508)362-6876
1st Cay Div, 8th Cay, 1st Bn (VN): James C. Knafel
  (260) 244-3864;
200th ASHC (original Pachyderms): Garry Ledbetter
  (317) 823-3531;
213th Assault Support Helicopter Co (Black Cats) (NM &
  Korea): Lorinda Boyle (888) 750-7447;
225th AAA Searchlight Bn: Frank Dorsey (845) 786-5042;
26th (Yankee) Inf Div: Robert R. Raney (978) 531-2257
299th Engr Bn: James R. Nelson (616) 527-6288
3-18 & 553rd FA Bn (Desert Storm, VN, Europe, Ft. Sill):
  Charles Martin (918) 224-5959;
385th AAA AW Bn: Douglass C, Cochran (301) 733-6312
3d Bn, 187th Inf, 101st Abn Div (1967-68): James Kimble
  (970) 663-9313;
4th Inf Div, 3/12 Inf (VN), Co B, Recon Pltn & Medics:
  E.J. Jones (706) 548-5934;
516th Sig Co (1948-55, Austria): Edward J. Blinn
  (516) 358-7852;
531st 0rd, MM Co (WWII-Germany 1949-53): Donald G.
  Bellessa (618) 262-7141;
753rd Ry Shop Bn: Ralph W. Bailey (419) 691-1146
782nd Tank Bn (ETO, WWII): Larry Sanchez (316) 788-0004
8229th Sig Sgv Tech Det (Korea 1950-52): Richard Klan
  (256) 883-1737;
82nd Abn Div (SW Memorial Abn Days): Albert N. Pike
  (210) 659-5036;
84th & 62nd Engr Const Bn (Korea 1950-55): Ted Ambuhl
  (251) 666-5521;
88th ID Blue Devils/TRUST Forces (SE Chapter):
  James W. DeLoach (803) 787-8861
97th Div, 386th Regt, 2nd Bn,: Frank Smith (918) 474-3321
Alaska Signal Corps: George E. Weldon (251)633-4525;
B Co, 787th Tank Bn (WWII): Robert T. Gunning (219) 696-0409
Cold War Warriors (personnel who served in Erlangen,
  Germany with Combat Command B, 4th Armd Div 1950-67):
  Richard Brouillette (417)282-5312;
Fort Reno, OK (all former trps): Erma Jean Higgins
  (405) 732-1520;
HHC 222nd Avn Bn & 147th ASHS Hillclimbers: Don Yaxley
  (585) 548-7762;
Officers Rotary Wing Avn Class 66-2: Herbert L. Hirst
  (503) 647-4600;
The Gathering (VN Transportation Units): Larry Fiandt
  (616) 623-8707;
WWII 0kinawa (all branches welcome): Tom Baye
  (402) 553-6248;

USCGC Eastwind W-279: Joseph Quintiliani (508) 548-0329;
  USS Gen. William Weigel AP119/USS Gen. W.H. Gordon
  AP117/USS Gen. W.E Richardson AP118 (incl Marines):
  Chuck Ulrich (516)747-7426

18th Naval Const Bn, atchd to 2nd Mar: Buddy Hosford
  (972) 617-5300
1st Mar Div, 1st Regt, Co D (WWII): C.W. Wright
  (207) 698-1366;
1st Mar Div, 5th Mar, 3rd Bn, Co M (1964-65): Larry Nelson
  (903) 786-4465;
4th Mar Div Assn, Tun Tavern Chap #1, Philadelphia:
  Earl Gehm (215) 269-9716
Bulk Fuel Automatic Supply Dist Bn, 2nd FSR, FMF: Jimmy
  Bivens (910) 455-0138;
Fox Co, 2nd Bn, 7th Mar Regt, 1st Mar Div (VN): Barry Smith
  (407) 857-6421;
Lima Co, 3rd Bn, 5th Mar (VN 1966-71): Robert "Hank" Henry
  (727) 864-6291;
MAG 24 & all associated sqdns: Charles Popa (330) 759-9390
Second & Weapons Plths, Golf Co, 2/26 USMC (1968-70):
  Michael Lerp (909) 279-8055;

Exercise Tiger memorial svc: Jayme M. Rego (508) 997-9610

101st NCB: Calvin E. Belt (812) 422-1983
18th Naval Const Bn, atchd to 2nd Mar: Buddy Hosford
  (972) 617-5300
AP Transport Reunion Gp (incl CG, Navy, Marines from WWII-VN):
  Chuck Ulrich (516) 747-7426
LCT Flotillas (WWII): Bud Farmer (615) 865-0579
LST 845: Larry G. Patterson (620) 473-2706
MCB-9 Navy Seabees (1952-69): Bobby Fletcher
  (702) 897-6613;
Naval Air Station & Sqdns (Sanford, FL, 1943-68): Gerald
  Bohm (386) 668-4851
Naval Support Activity Cold Storage (Danang 1968-69): Van L.
  Nowak (Butch); (316) 777-4332;
Patrol Craft Sailors Assn (WWII): Andrew Coubrough
  (248) 952-5656
USS Adm. E.W. Eberle AP123/USS Adm. C.E Hughes AP124:
  Chuck Ulrich (516) 747-7426
USS Adm. W.L Capps AP121/USS Adm H.T. Mayo AP125:
  Chuck Ulrich (516) 747-7426
USS Adm. W.S. Benson AP120/USS Gen. H.F. Hodges AP144:
  Chuck Ulrich (516) 747-7426
USS Audrain APA59 (crew, all hands): Chester A. Melder
  (318) 748-7524
USS Biloxi CL80: Hugh A. Eubank (757) 631-9663;
USS Braxton APA-138: Vicki Olson (800) 777-4307;
USS Buck DD-761: John B. Connolly (501) 922-3969;
USS Chicago CA29/CA136/CG11/SSN721: S.P. Stewart
  (206) 824-4814;
USS Conyngham DD371/DDG17: Len Gordon (732)432-0588;
USS Davidson DE/FF1045 (all, 1965-88): Robert Schippers
  (641) 792-3930;
USS Earle B. Hall APD107: Herb Schimmel (941) 349-8604;
USS Fond Du Lac APA166: Mel Simmons (425) 746-9442;
USS Gearing DD710: Robert J. Witkowski (718) 824-3733;
USS Gen. J.C. Breckinridge AP176/USS Gen. George M.
  Randall AP115: Chuck Ulrich (516) 747-7426
USS Gen. William Mitchell AP114: Chuck Ulrich (516) 747-7426
USS Gosper APA170: Emery C. Smoak (843) 563-4009
USS Guadalcanal CVE60, Task Gp 22.3 & escorts; USS
  Flaherty DE135L; USS Jenks DE665; USS Pose DE134; USS
  Pillsbury DE133 & USS Chatelain DE148 & support gps;
  USS Abnaki ATF-96; USS Humbolt AVP-21; USS
  Kennececk AG-36; PCE864 & air gps VC-6, VC-42, VC-69,
  VF-80A & VF-933: Julian Austin (828) 652-2514;
USS Harry F Bauer DM-26: George Adams (410) 859-3408
USS Hubbard DE-211/APD-53: William P. Conley
  (315) 448-7071;
USS Jason ARHI/ARB: Bill Stansberry (417) 649-6140
USS John King DDG3: Mike Montgomery (239) 567-1975;
USS Johnston DD821: James K, Martin (609) 886-5954
USS Kennebago AO81: Robert Malette (906)226-9008;
USS Knudson APD-101: Wayne J. Reynolds (386) 789-8612;
USS LaSalle LPD/AGF-3: Paul Barger (765) 998-1743;
USS LSTs 75/285: Kenneth Izzo (201) 641-4928;
USS MacDonough DLG8/DDG39: Larry Wessinger
  (803) 364-1778;
USS Magoffin APA-199: Sam Rubin (800) 621-5950;
USS Mississippi BB41: Mike Hulen (870)485-2362
USS Monongahela TAO-42: Donald Varner (330) 847-8076;
USS Shangri-La CV/CVA/CVS 38: Robert Chiasson
  (337) 734-3234;
USS Shea DM-30: Gene H. Shupe (423) 764-5045;
USS Tennessee BB-43: Bud Galow (215) 784-9885;
USS Utah BB31/AG16: Warren E. Upton (408) 356-4092;
USS Warrington DD843: Joe "Nick" DiSalvo (727) 734-7060;
USS White Plains AFS-4: Stephen G. Edmison (915) 676-7379;
USS Woodpecker MSC209 (pre-comm to de-comm):
  John W. East (918) 452-3378;


Readers are urged to help these veterans seeking claim substantiation statements. Respond directly to the person listed at the end of the claim assistance request.

If you have need of assistance in preparing a claim, contact your local VFW Service Officer. They are located at VA medical centers and regional offices. See January 2002 VFW magazine p.42, for complete listing.

US Navy gun crew serving on John L. Luckinback Transport Ship--Seeking anyone, esp officer John Heyzen to verify I contracted yellow fever in Panama (Feb-Aug 1942). Need witness to verify yellow fever for pension--Walter J. Misak, 14442 Redwing Dr., Moreno Valley, CA 92553-4996; (909) 247-6570.

758th Aircraft Control/Warning Sqdn (AF installation at Neah Bay, WA, 1954)--Seeking anyone, esp off. Lorenzo Wilson to verify incident that occurred at NC0 Club to help substantiate my claim--Albert Shade, 55 Taylor Dr., Eufaula, AL 36027; (334) 616-6860.

A Co., 1st Bn., 18th Inf, 1st Div (Sicily)--Seeking anyone to verify I was Leading Scout when German tank came out of brush and tried to run over me. A Navy shell destroyed the tank and knocked me unconscious, but saved my life. I could not hear for a week--Anthony J. Peppitoni, 19 Trinity St., Oceanside, CA 92057.

HQ Co, 2nd Bn, 8th Mar, 2nd Mar Div, 81st Mortar Co--Seeking any officer, esp 2nd Lt. Sullivan and 1st Lt. Nickerson, to confirm my father (Daniel Murgaw, Jr.) assisted in the rescue of a wounded Marine during Okinawa campaign (June 3-8,1945) under heavy enemy fire--Daniel J. Murgaw III, N9788 Bear Trail Lane, Spooner, WI 54801; (715) 259-3749.

27th Engr Bn HQ, 11th Armd Cay Div connected to 101st Abne Div (June 1967-Aug 1968)--Seeking anyone, esp Jimmy Riddle, Billy Martin, David Howard or Sgt. Hagek or Sgt. Hagley to help with my PTSD claim. My nickname was "the kid"--David L. Stedman, 1110 Westchester Dr., Lynchburg, VA 24502; (434) 239-9187. Boot Camp, San Diego, CA (Aug-Sept 1959)--Seeking anyone who was in Co. 410 at USNTC, San Diego and remembers me to help substantiate claim--James Joyce, 4120 Hwy. 268, Ararat NC 27007; (336) 374-4749.

25th Inf Div, 27th Inf Regt, 3d Bn, King Co (Jan 21, 1951-Nov 8,1951), Korean War, "Wolfhounds"--Seeking anyone, esp Stanley "Stosh" Paplaczyk, who remembers me serving--Virgil L Billeter, PO Box 1174, Grafton, VA 23692-1174; (757) 898-5450;

Tomahawks (4th Bn Mech, 23d Inf Regt, 25th Inf Div (VN, Feb 14, 1968)--Seeking anyone who remembers 2-4 men picked me up from medical e-vac holding area. As they lifted me from ground, I raised my right arm to take my M-16 rifle and Charlie's AK-47 fired, cutting my right forearm with one bullet. Looking for witnesses to this incident occurring just before these men placed me onto the med-e-vac chopper going to CuChi--Terry Bohlinger, 207 Pageland Dr., Yorktown, VA 23693-3021; (757) 867-8522.

USS Hornet (CVS-12, 1966)--Seeking anyone, esp QM3 Jack Stewart and/or QMSN Loyd Almond, who has knowledge of back injury I sustained while aboard ship; also USS Canberra (CAG-2, 1968)--Seeking anyone, esp QM3 Joe Butler and/or MM3 Boone McKee, who can verify exposure to concussions from cannon fire without protective headgear--Robert D. Westman, 1410--7th St., Apt. 5, Harlan, IA 51537; (712) 755-7153.

503d Inf, 173d Abne Bde, Co B, 4th Bn (July-Sept 1970)--Seeking anyone who remembers William L. Taylor and his wounding on Sept. 21,1970 for help in establishing VA claim--Mrs. Elaine Taylor, 5300 Bayshore Blvd., A-1, Tampa, FL 33611; (813) 839.9570;
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