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Reunions & claims.

REUNION COORDINATORS: To publicize your unit's reunion, fill out the form provided in the February 1998 issue or print out a form from VFW's website: Send to VFW Magazine, 406 W. 34th St., Suite 523, Kansas City, MO 64111. Please note that improperly completed or illegible forms will be discarded. Submit four months in advance of reunion date. Proposed reunions will be listed only when space is available.

22nd Rescue Boat Sqdn: Joe Connor (843) 552-4035
23rd Dep Rep Sqd, 2nd Air Dep Gp, 9th AF: J.D. Lance
  (785) 467-8600
317th CAMS/FMS (Everux, France/Lockbourne, Ohio): George
  Boleck (509) 283-2199
35th Air Police Sqdn (Japan & Korea): Bill Watson (304) 986-2764
366th Ftr Gp (WWII)/366th Ftr Bomb Wg (NATO)/366th Tac Ftr Wg
  (Vietnam), present: John Peterson (606) 734-7912
36th Munitions Maint Sqdn (Bitburg Air Base): Jay Mathews
  (402) 371-4776
39th Ftr Sqdn, 5th AF (WWII & Korea): Frank Angier
  (405) 681-9677
40th Bomb Sqdn, Walker AFB (mid-50s, B-36 aircraft):
  Robert C. Whiteis (505) 623-4019
48th FSFIS/FTS: Joseph Onesty (562) 431-2901
51st Ftr Gp, HQ, FCS 16th/25th/26th/449th Sqdns:
  Robert G. Haines (605) 892-4623
5th Comm Gp, 934th Sig Bn (Korea): Dave Felice (719) 392-6150
6147th Tac Control Gp (Korea): Bud Noles (318) 797-6526
63 MAW (all assigned & atchd units): "Marty" Martinez
  (909) 864-6169
6927th RSM Onna Point, Okinawa: Ray Thibodaux (504) 488-8214
8th AF, 850th Avn Engrs': Howard David (435) 634-0974
8th Air Rescue Sqd (SAC RC-47s, Peterson Field Co & Stead AFB,
  NV): Alex Kuras (757) 220-3083
AACS Alumni Assn AACS/AFAC/AAFC: Ted Carlson
  (605) 732-4476; e-mail:
AF Aviation Engr Bn 807: Gene Jamber (517) 324-7155
AF Gunners Assn: Eugene D. Steele (817) 249-0150
Berlin Vets: Charles Farrell (727) 524-2327
Fighting Cock Sqdn, 65th Fgt Sqdn, 57th Fgt Gp: Charles E. Filer
Sampson AFB Vets Assn: Chip Phillips (716) 633-1119
USAF Pilot Trng CL49A: Earl F. Steeb (307) 473-2012; after 10/1/99:
  (816) 364-0840


12th AF, 412th & 421st Sig Co & 1710th Sig Bn: Wilmer H. Unger
  (609) 858-1581
12th AF, 64th TC Gp, all sqdns: Carl Looney (405) 222-2275
1881st Engr Avn Bn: Ron Hume (253) 564-8828
205th (AAA), Btry B: R.E. Wilson (253) 854-6020
214 AAA Gun Bn, Btry B: Ralph J. Snyder (610) 373-5572
27th ATG Assn (WWII) (310th/311th/312th/325th Ferry Sqdns;
  86th/87th/320th/321st Trans Sqdns; 519th/520th Svc Sqdns:
  Donald Diehm (828) 891-5422
29th Bomb Gp: Fred Pawlikowski (773) 735-5008
339th Svc Sqdn, 15th AF: John Brever (414) 425-4018
366th Ftr Gp (WWII)/366th Ftr Bomb Wg (NATO)/366th Tac Ftr Wg
  (Vietnam), present: John Peterson (606) 734-7912
37th FS, 14th FG (WWII): Frank Gallup (603) 763-2710
39th Bomb Gp (N. Field, Guam): James Wyckoff (607) 869-2574
48th FSFIS/FTS: Joseph Onesty (562) 431-2901
62nd TC Gp, 51st TC Wing, 12th AF: William Klinko (215) 646-0196
6th BGp (Tinian Island, 1945): Newell Penniman, Jr. (978) 468-2806
91st TC Sqdn, 439th TC Gp: Frank T. Sancineto (919) 846-8215
LST 787: Paul Bailey (804) 842-2541
Nat. Chief Petty Officers Assn: W.A. "Bill" Williams (830) 537-4899
USCGC Taney (WPG/WHEC 37): W.G. Churchill (904) 615-0800
USS Aquarius AKA16: Homer Brush (248) 549-5163
USS Bayfield APA33 (USCG, WWII/USN 1948-68): Jim or Trish
  Davlin (409) 925-2268
USS Cepheus AKA18 (all hands): Zeke Anderson (610) 623-8824
USS General Howze AP-134: Leo Albright (530) 872-7173
USS LST23: Termite Ellison (334) 633-4341
USS Mangrove: Michael J. "Cox" Zurad (847) 967-9356
USS Peoria PF-67: Sol & Ellie Bleiweiss (561) 495-1589


101st Abn Div (Vietnam): Bruce Laytham (800) 486-1631
101st Abn Div (Vietnam), 2nd Bde, 502nd Inf, 1st Bn, Co D:
  Raymond C. Tracy (801) 296-2156
103rd Comb Engr Bn, 28th Div (WWII & Korea): John Curea
  (330) 758-7647
103rd Inf Div, 409th Rgt, Co D: Les Klie (708) 479-2640
103rd Med Bn, 28th Inf Div: Leslie R. Bryant (336) 854-4614
109th Engr Bn (C), 34th Div (WWII): Clarence C. Carsner
  (605) 343-2708
10th/39th Arty (1958-60, Swinfurt, Ger): John Collins (704) 528-5613
11th Cav, 44th Cav Recon Gp, Co B (WWII, Europe 1944-45):
  Adrian G. Jordan (770) 748-4505
120th Evac Hosp Unit (WWII): Ruth E. Dickson (509) 926-0108
121st AAA Gun Bn, 421st Rocket FA Bn (WWII): Al Lohman
  (314) 831-7068
1255th Engr C Bn (all cos): Bob MacLeay (303) 671-8559
1257th Comb Engr Bn, Cos A/B/C/HQ: Edw. Mowatt (609) 597-2556
126th Ord, MM Co, 1st Army (with 9th Inf Div): Harry K. Pitman
  (419) 397-2553
127th AAA Gun Bn (Mbl): Jack Cesear (440) 884-6894;
131st AAA Gun Bn (Mbl) (WWII): Fred Kellerman (513) 922-0471
141st Gen Hosp: Melvin L. Roberts (803) 684-4807
142nd Ord HM Co: John Ford (304) 527-0779
146th Avn Co (RR) (Vietnam): Joe Rockholt (910) 875-4739
158th Engr Combat Bn: Robert L. Ahlstrom (402) 571-6321
187th FAOB, all btrys, HQ/A/B/C: Clarence Aldridge (205) 424-2788
191st Assault Helicopter Co (Vietnam) (all members): Jack E.
  Tiesing Sr. (812) 949-1357; e-mail:
19th Comb Engr Regiment (WWII): John Maguire (508) 358-4829
1st Cav Div, 27th Maint Bn (VN '66-70): Ed Jones (630) 554-9245
1st Div, 1st MP Co (1941-54): Donald E. Green (813) 837-1386
1st Field Forces, Btry B, 5th Bn, 27th Arty (all btrys, all units
  attached): Ernie "Richie" Rich (513) 856-9615
1st Inf Div, 1st Sig Co (all years): James Bauer (412) 884-2067;
21st Ord Co/21st Sply & Svc Co: Fred Flory (937) 855-6202
225th AAA Sl Bn: Frank Dorsey (914) 786-5042;
246th Comb Engr Bn: Howard S. Shelp (616) 327-3605
246th Sig Opns Co (WWII): Marie Huggins (305) 247-0150
24th Base Post Office: Robert B. Vencill, Jr. (540) 964-5420
24th Div Arty (Camp Hakata): Art Travis (800) 600-7443 AC/06
24th Inf Div (WWII, Korea, Germany, Lebanon, Desert Storm & all
  support units): Harry L. Wittman, Jr. (304) 788-0465
281st Engr Combat Bn Assn: Albert Cline (864) 489-6528
30th FA Bn: Ed Horton (706) 323-5747
32nd MP Co: Ignatius L. Sonsalla (608) 323-3595
354th MP Co: Clarence Werner (330) 684-1128
35th Inf Div, 60th Engr Comb Bn: Edward Kreshak (516) 226-3368
38th Ord Co (WWII & Korea): Derio Dalasta (414) 695-8338
3rd Eng Combat Bn: Don Lloyd (509) 965-3231
3rd Inf Div, 58th F/A (Korea 1950-53): Richard Gallmeyer (800)
  523-4715 or (757) 467-1233
3rd Inf Div (all units, all periods): John Markon (805) 736-1768
40th Div, 160th Inf Rgt, Hvy Mortar Co: Bill Conner (214) 337-5757
40th Inf Div, 160th Rgt, Co A (Korea): Roger Lueckenhoff
  (573) 364-4145
43rd Div, 169th Inf Rgt, Tank Co: Richard Morrison (860) 568-5381
476th Ord Evac Co (WWII): Jack Chilcote (814) 696-4690
482d AAA AW BN (SP), 9th Armd Div: Chuck Gregorovich
  (419) 394-3548
489th Port Bn, Cos A/B/C/D: John C. Brumfield (937) 864-7721
495th HQ Sqdn & 356th Svc Sqdn (Atcham Sta 342, England,
  WWII): Earl Krieger (616) 429-0278
4th Cav Assn (Rgt/Gp): Clarence Engh (605) 495-4336
504th MP Bn, Co A (Phan Rang Det): Jerry Matayka (773) 463-1839
516th Sig Corps (Austria 1950-55): Paul Martin (717) 587-3034
549th AAA Bn, 87th Div: Ray G. Weston (314) 752-6884
551st AAA Bn (WWII): Benjamin Knauf (716) 334-5050
553rd AAA AW Bn (M) (WWII): Frank P. Ferrara (708) 839-6854
553rd Engr Bn, Hy Ponton Bridge, H&S/A/B Co: Robert Callender
  (920) 465-9497
554th AAA AW Bn, all btrys (WWII): Hubert Newman
  (517) 893-2152
556th Engr Hv Pon Bn: Elmer F. Mensching (630) 773-1660
558th AAA AW Bn (WWII): William Drobnich (814) 766-2674
565th AAA (AW Bn) (WWII): Harris F. Dake (828) 697-0428
586th AAA AW, Btry B: Dennis Rattan (501) 745-4329
594th JAS Co: Bob Riddel (847) 827-4928
630th Engr Lt Equip Co (Korea '52-54): Marvin Hobbs
  (417) 962-3013
640th TD Bn: Otto S. Lindskog 411 D St. N., Stockton, CA 95205
644th TD Bn: Samuel Higginbotham (904) 428-4296
644th TD Bn: Arthur E. Archibald (561) 334-0287
66th Sig Bn, Co C: Lyle Crane (615) 834-0418
68th AAA Bn (Korea): William Howsden (402) 463-1107
6th Inf Div, 20th Rgt, Co C: Leslie Kash (612) 712-9769
70th Div, 274th Inf Rgt, Co K: Tom Axelrod (651) 429-9261
712th TROB: Charles W. Sewell (270) 362-8211
71st Evac Hosp: Theodor G. Callas (630) 462-1634
71st Inf Div: C. Gene Ochs (513) 521-9394
781st Tank Bn: Charles Brown (570) 322-0513
790th QM Reclamation & Maint Co (Korea): Ken Reich
  (414) 466-7533; e-mail:
7th FA Obsn Bn: Henry G. Lizak (516) 796-4853
838th AAA AW BN: Ralph A. Lapio (573) 392-3298
8606th ASA Field Sta (Herzo Base, Germany 1956-58): Joe
  Connelly (609) 939-4690
86th Chem Mortar Bn: George L. Murray (256) 820-4415
870th FA Bn, 66th Inf: Edward C. Huetteman (603) 880-8894
87th Chem Mort Bn: R. Keith Ostrum (814) 455-5710
90th Inf Assn/90th ARCOM: James R. Reid, Sr. (630) 789-0204
934th Sig Bn (5th AF, 5th Comm Gp) (Korea): Dave Felice
  (719) 392-6150
94th AAA AW Bn (SP), HQ/A/B/C/D Btry: Al Fisher (253) 588-2543
959th FA, Co C: Evart Robinson (812) 284-9423
96th FA Bn, all btrys (Korea '50-58): Arnold Anderson
  (605) 673-6313
979th FA Bn: Leon Daniel (757) 826-2966; e-mail:
990th Ord Base Depot Co: William C. Young (814) 948-6690
9th Armd Div, 2nd Armd Med Bn, Co C: Clarence Reno
  (909) 697-2479
Berlin Vets: Charles Farrell (727) 524-2327
Btry C, 724th FA Bn, 69th Inf Div: Al Diloreto (330) 484-1307
OV-1 Mohawk Assn (all personnel): Gary Alton (888) 766-4295
Rangers, Airborne (Korean War): Ralph Borriello (860) 828-1695
Razorback Armed Helicopter Pltn, 120th Avn Co (RVN 1963-66):
  Chet Gandy (480) 218-4531


LST 787: Paul Bailey (804) 842-2541
Nat. Chief Petty Off. Assn: W.A. "Bill" Williams (830) 537-4899
USCGC Taney (WPG/WHEC 37): W.G. Churchill (904) 615-0800
USS Aquarius AKA16: Homer Brush (248) 549-5163
USS Bayfield APA33 (USCG, WWII/USN 1948-68): Jim or Trish
  Davlin (409) 925-2268
USS Cepheus AKA18 (all hands): Zeke Anderson (610) 623-8824
USS General Howze AP-134: Leo Albright (530) 872-7173
USS LST23: Termite Ellison (334) 633-4341
USS Mangrove: Michael J. "Cox" Zurad (847) 967-9356
USS Peoria PF-67: Sol & Ellie Bleiweiss (561) 495-1589


1st Mar Aircraft Wing (Vietnam): Joe Amant (610) 366-2617
3rd Bn, 1st Mar Div: D.W. Hook (904) 758-7662
All Navy/Marine Utility Sqdns & redesignated VC Fleet Composite
  Sqdns: Bryant "Skinny" Fleming (805) 968-7994;
All PHSA Marines (Oahu, Dec 7, 1941): Milly Hendrickson
  (909) 928-2208
Aviation Supply Marines: Pete Freeman (252) 447-5376
B-1-1 (Korea 1950-51): Thomas F. Prendergast (561) 283-6813
China Marine Assn: Lyle Cherbonneau (201) 712-9872
Combat Correspondents Assn: Don Gee (888) 999-7819
Dog Co, 2nd Bn, 7th Mar, 1st Mar Div (Korea 1950-55):
  Charles W. Curley (716) 372-4216
G-3-5, 1st Prov Mar Bde: Frank Scialdone (760) 726-3350
Iowa Class BB61-62-63-64 Mar dets: James Schatzman
  (609) 889-2185
Leyte Marines: 5th 155 How Bn. & 11th Gun Bn. FMF PAC:
  Joe Wozniak (602) 899-1160
Marine Corps Air Trans Assn (MCATA): Mike Griffin (972) 235-6607
MBTG81 (Edenton, NC, WWII): Phil Costello (413) 783-8463
Sqdn VMR 952: James Curry (513) 385-4292
USS New Jersey (NE chap): James Schatzman (609) 889-2185
VMB 612 (WWII): Joel P. Krensky (781) 326-7800; e-mail:
VMD-354 Marine Photo Sqdn: Robert A. Pedro (860) 623-8226
VMF 215 (WWII): Ray Wolff (805) 658-8714
VMF(N)/VMF(AW)/VMFA-531/USMC Ftr/Attach Sqdn (Gray
  Ghost, all years): Wes Johnson (530) 272-6035;
VMR952 (1943-45): Robert A. Werner (513) 231-9543
WWII Mar/Navy Parachute Units: D.E. Severance (858) 459-0607


Guadalcanal Campaign Vets: Hal & Pat Nuernberg (805) 736-2726;
Korean War Veterans: Richard Gallmeyer (800) 523-4715 or
  (757) 467-1233
US Forces in Austria: Bill Billet (717) 244-9718 (W);
  (717) 751-0034 (H)


112th NCB: Ed Kerkhoff (606) 442-0997
143rd NCB (Advanced Base Calicoan Is., Phil): Ron Redcher
  (901) 323-5466
1st Special Seabees: Roland F. Bedad (603) 598-0834;
29th NCB: Tom Harritt (317) 894-3541
56th CB Bn: J.D. Lee (918) 224-2593
61st NCB (WWII): John H. Smith (609) 971-1491;
87th Navy Seabees (WWII): Chuck Briggs (248) 589-2763
AE Sailors Assn (USS Nitro AE2/23, USS Lassen AE-3, USS Mt.
  Baker AE-4/34, USS Rainier AE-5, USS Shasta AE-6, USS
  Mauna Loa AE-8, USS Mazama AE-9, USS Sangay AE-10,
  USS Mt Hood AE-11/29, USS Wrangell AE-12, USS Akutan
  AE-13, USS Firedrake AE-14, USS Vesuvius AE-15, USS
  Kitmai AE-16, USS Gr. Sitkin AE-17, USS Paracutin AE-18,
  USS Diamondhead AE-19, USS Suribachi AE-21, USS Mauna
  KEA AE-22, USS Haleakala AE-25, USS Kilauea AE-26, USS
  Butte AE-27, USS Barvara AE-28, USS Flint AE-32, USS Mt.
  Kiska AE-35, USS Seattle AOE-13: Ralph Gaul (717) 436-6814
All Navy/Marine Utility Sqdns & redesignated VC Fleet Composite
  Sqdns: Bryant "Skinny" Fleming (805) 968-7994; e-mail:
Berlin Vets: Charles Farrell (727) 524-2327
  Owen DD-536/USS The Sullivans DD-537/USS
  Stephen Potter DD-538/USS Tingey DD-539/USS Hickox DD-673/USS
  Hunt DD-674/USS Lewis Hancock DD-675/USS
  Marshall DD-676/USS Franklin: Tony (Lovey) Vruno (651) 777-3649;
  E-mail: LVruno@AOL.Com
Fox Co, 2nd Bn, 5th Mar, 1st Mar Div (Korea 1950-53); also Naval
  Hospital Corpsmen atchd to F Co: Louis Pelosi (781) 233-6280
LCS (L) 1-130 "Mighty Midgets": Anthony Makitra (607) 776-6665
LCS(L) 32: William (Diggy) DiGregorio (508) 764-8160
LSM215: Roy C. Meyer (406) 961-4272
LST 346: Wes Parkins (830) 257-5469
LST 465: Bill (Rocky) Hill (623) 583-1444
LST 883: Bob Rodgers (740) 874-3030
LST-1041: Henry Lenz, Sr. (410) 679-4499
Nat. Chief Petty Officers Assn: W.A. "Bill" Williams (830) 537-4899
Naval Air Transport Svc: Don Farren (706) 865-7401
Naval Oper Base 157 (Palermo Sicily): Arnold Arp (815) 472-6163
PATSU 1-9: Walter A. Lastoskie (727) 343-2384
USN Hospital Corps: Bert Murphy (810) 268-7451
USNR Midshipmen's School (NY, NY): Bill Rice (801) 583-6465
USS Amick DE-168 (WWII): Len Alexander (413) 269-6044
USS Ammen DD527: James Graham (732) 833-9355
USS Arcturus AKA-1 (KA-18): D.M. Stavely (401) 822-3115
USS Baltimore CA-68: Dale A. Bloedow (781) 646-7189
USS Bandera APA131: Charles E. Burns (805) 987-7004
USS Barnstable APA93: Bob Vogelsang (217) 529-5319
USS Bell: Bill Cavanaugh (843) 347-9714
USS Betelgeuse AK28/AKA11: Roy Hoffman (610) 543-5624
USS Bordelon DD/DDR881 (all yrs): Barney Oursler (410) 789-2281
USS Bosque APA135: Barney Collinson (925) 935-6384
USS Bunch DE694/APD79: David L. Hibbs, Sr. (717) 637-7723;
USS Butternut AN-9: Vernon Rader (423) 523-2718
USS Caperton DD650: John (Jack) Mueller (530) 541-8191, Ext. 604
USS Card CVE-11: Robert E. Willet (419) 339-6901
USS Casco AVP-12: Gary Wehrmann (210) 680-0690
USS Chara AKA58/AE31 (1944-72): Jim Harper (800) 395-7731;
USS Chukawan A0100: Dwane Krings (727) 894-4436
USS Cogswell DD651: Don Miller (541) 474-0113; e-mail: http://
USS Conway DD-507/DDE-507: Dan J. Kleinrock (800) 929-2992
USS Crouter DE-11: Donald L. McGhee (614) 879-8677
USS Davis DD937: Carl Ross (727) 847-0247
USS Dempsey DE26: Howard Gillum (423) 562-6456
USS Detroit CL8: WA "Bill" McCall (281) 537-2123 (H)/
  (713) 868-8967 (W)
USS Fayette APA-43: George H. Iverson (612) 566-7119
USS Foote DD-511: Marie Chalmers (617) 327-4587
USS Fredrick Funston APA89: Walter Schwarting (414) 367-0055
USS Freestone APA167: Allen M. Woods (724) 465-8678
USS Ganymede AK104: Bill Penirian (916) 682-4651
USS Gayety AM-239: Victor Williams (660) 486-3254
USS Genesee AOG-8: Ed Markins (317) 780-1870
USS Grady DE445: Cecil W. Hammond (765) 987-7469
USS Haggard DD555: Dick Crawford (660) 826-0290
USS Hamilton DD141/DMS18: Bernard Maschauer (904) 760-6582
USS Harry Lee APA-10: Patrick L. Smith (814) 635-2847
USS Hissem DE/DER400: Joe Carinci (315) 363-0435
USS Hudson DD475: Delora K. Williams (210) 681-2762
USS Hull DD350: Pat Douhan (559) 255-3629
USS Hyde APA173: Bob Agee (520) 757-9607;
USS Irwin DD794: Otto Huizenga (303) 758-5463
USS John C. Butler DE339: Louis McClellan, Sr. (972) 245-6138
USS John M. Bermingham DE530: "Dutch" Hannmann
  (518) 765-4452
USS Jos. E. Campbell DE70/APD49: Earl Huebner (352) 347-1219
USS Kenmore AP-162/AK-221: W. R. Graybill (541) 367-6527
USS Knapp DD653: Don Petersen (603) 625-9679;
USS Leyte CV-32 (ships co & all air gps): Richard (Dick) Boln
  (309) 928-3552
USS Lowndes APA154: Wm. "Bud" Kautz (815) 344-6326
USS LSM 141: Guy Klinefelter (717) 845-6604
USS LSM 232': Jack Dye (817) 249-5388
USS LST 307: Clarence Linsinbigler (570) 759-9697
USS LST 347 & 72: Dale J. Nelsen (940) 692-5946
USS LST 628: James R. Higgins (816) 732-4774
USS LST 859: Rohland "Dutch" Reich (520) 883-7075
USS Marcus Island CVE77: Tom Sahm (626) 792-8509
USS Martin H. Ray DE338: Leonard Ferrett (270) 825-3796
USS Mayrant DD402: Edward S. Wilkins (440) 244-5462
USS Mellette APA-156 (WWII & Korea era & crews): Jim
  Peterson (Korea); Glenn Flenniken (WWII) (309) 476-8717;
  (619) 273-1021
USS Merrick AKA97: Ray Cracraft (330) 542-0957
USS Munda CVE-104: Jim Walls (361) 855-6428
USS Murray DD/DDE-576: Rick Worley (225) 924-3075
USS Natrona APA214: Joe DiDomenico (914) 359-8761
USS Nehenta Bay CVE74/VC-11-8: Stewart Wasoba (727) 397-4871
USS Oberon AKA-14 (WWII & Korea): Lou Kovac (734) 427-2949
USS Ocklawaha AO-84: Bill Parker (831) 449-4874
USS Porterfield (682)/USS Balch (383): Pat Fisher (515) 487-7692
USS Rainier AE-5: Charles Powell (804) 737-1487
USS Rehoboth AVP50/AGS50 (all): Ross E. Carlson (740) 363-4605
USS Reid DD369: M.G. Massa (805) 642-6009;
USS Remey DD688: Jim Bently (414) 567-4955
USS Roe DD418: Waldo or Nila Chason (912) 683-3669
USS Salamaua: Edward F. Kenny (707) 938-1777
USS Sepulga AO-20 (all officers & enlisted, 1940-46): Harvey
  Blankenship (318) 825-8267
USS Severn AO-61: Anthony F. Angelicola (203) 753-2223
USS Shamrock Bay CVE-84: Jim White (580) 323-0981
USS Shenandoah AD-26: E. David Zapf 5119 Marcadas Rd.,
  Albuquerque, NM 87114
USS Simpson/USS Broome: Walter Zehrfuhs (732) 701-1398
USS Skagit AKA105: Jerry R. Gaughan (440) 777-9569
USS Sterlet SS392 (all): Fred W. Krahenbuhl, Jr. (513) 737-0238
USS Suffolk AKA-69: Gene Kristof (913) 491-8050
USS Tollberg APD103 (ship's crew): Ross Letner (937) 885-7604
USS Tyrrell AKA80: Calvin Reed (541) 593-1806
USS Wasatch AGC9: Joseph Pampani (732) 244-7277
USS William C. Cole DE641: Charles Fisher (618) 281-6596
USS Wythe LST 575: Del Virtue (304) 723-0994
VS Navy Scouting Sqdns (WWII): Bill Alberts (805) 238-6332
VT-13 (Torpedo Sqdn #13): Sam Miller (360) 945-7014
VT-3 (Traron Three) (all): Mike Olson (612) 546-8701
WWII Mar/Navy Parachute Units: D.E. Severance (858) 459-0607


Readers are urged to help these veterans seeking claim substantiation statements. Respond directly to the person listed at the end of the claim assistance request.

If you have need of assistance in preparing a claim, contact your local VFW Service Officer. They are located at VA medical centers and regional offices.

Panzer Kaserne, Germany, Sept 1961--Seeking anyone who witnessed accident in which I was injured while loading diesel fuel on a truck near Panzer Kaserne, Ger., Sept 1961--Jerry Rohm, 45 Meadow Rue Lane, Crimora, VA 24431-2322;

USS Independence (air sqdn VA-176) (June 1981)--Seeking anyone who served aboard ship and remembers fellow sailor killed on flight deck. I was in his squad and experience trauma--Stephen P. Edwards, 464 N. Skyline Dr., Liberty, MO 64068; (816) 415-3765.

USS Stein (Desert Storm)--Seeking anyone to verify combat-related stressors for PTSD claim. Anyone with knowledge of individual serving on USS Stein that participated in the handling of dead bodies--Phillip Carnes, c/o James W. Stanley, Attorney at Law, 600 West Fourth St., N. Little Rock, AR 72114; (501) 372-3131;

47th Div, Camp Rucker, AL (1/1-4/30/1951)--Seeking anyone who was in my unit and remembers my need for hospitalization 4 times with pneumonia at Camp Rucker hospital--LeRoy S. Keeler, 15968 20th St., Clear Lake, MN 55319; (612) 662-2477.

USS Arlington AGMR-2 (Vietnam 1968)--Seeking anyone who can verify when I injured my left knee or any treatment I received. I was aboard USS Arlington when my left knee was dislocated and I was put on light duty for three days with heat lamp treatment. The men I worked with in transmitter room were: Bill Ramos, Greg Bourgeois, Henry Bramman, Frank Messamore, H.S. Wall, T.M. Marsden. Also would like to know if any shipmates have hearing problems due to equipment we worked with--Clinton L. Clark, Box 315, Chapman, KS 67431.

HQ Co, 26th Mar, Khe Sahn Combat Base, Comm Pit (Mar-Apr 1968)--Seeking anyone who was a Khe Sahn during 77 day siege to help me with PTSD claim--Thomas Robinson, 3505 L St., #B, Bakersfield, CA 93301.

4th Inf Div, A Co, 4th Comb Engr Bn (Dak-to, VN 1967)--Seeking anyone who witnessed my injuries, esp Sgt Agena, Tom Czar, Sgt Biggs, Mike Maynard, Albert Villabos--Joseph E. Tavaglione, 500 Kennedy Blvd., Apt 207, Pittston, PA 18640; (570) 883-0782.

18th QM Co (July 1970-Aug 1971)--Seeking anyone who can verify motor vehicle accident Joe Appolache was injured in (Oct 1970); also injury to Sgt. Dixon in Feb or Mar 1971, as well as any other incidents or traumatic events occurring to 18th QM Co to support PTSD claim--Oliver Woods, c/o James W. Stanley, Attorney at Law, 600 West Fourth St., N. Little Rock, AR 72114; (501) 372-3131;

Det 1, 56 Spec Op Wing (Udorn, Thailand 1969-70)--Seeking anyone who remembers my accident while working on a T-28 aircraft, esp Tom (Tommy) Thomkins & Jack Smith (aircraft mechanics at the time)--Jerry C. Brothers, 13711 Garfield Rd., Wakeman, OH 44889;

Tontouta Air Base (New Caledonia), 361st Air Base Sqdn, 13th Air Depot--Seeking anyone working in Tontouta Field Hospital, name of hospital or members from 361st or 13th Air Depot, to substantiate claim--Sam L. Mars, 8531 Moorcroft Ave., West Hills, CA 91304.

Vicenza, Italy (USA SETAF)--Seeking anyone who remembers my serious auto accident in Oct 1974 while in Yugoslavia and my subsequent illegal internment there by Communist secret police--David G. Sabo, 2256 State Hwy. 420, Massena, NY 13662-3352; (315) 769-5108;

Btry D, 82nd AAA AW (SP) Bn, 2nd Inf Div (Korea 1953)--Seeking anyone remembering me not being able to hear for 3-4 days at a time after each fire mission on M16 half track with quad 50s, esp Cpl John McCole (Chicago, IL)--Richard Perry, 8 Honeysuckle Ln., Baltimore, MD 21220.

USS Helena, Gurke, Brush, Preble, Dennis J. Buckley, Brainbridge (1951-71)--Seeking anyone who have hearing problems due to naval gun fire, loss of hearing due to no ear protection--Jimmie L. Stewart, HC64, Box 80, Madras, OR 97741.

Kunsan AB, Korea 1978-81--Seeking anyone stationed in Korea (Air Force) to substantiate on-going claim for service-connected disability--Sheila Y. Johns (known as "Sugar"), 4310 Towers Rd., Kansas City, MO 64130

Valley Forge Gen Hosp, 1970--Seeking anyone to verify combat stressors for PTSD claim. I witnessed death of David Johnson and also observed my wounded casualties from Vietnam--Melvin D. Mulliniks, c/o James W. Stanley, Attorney at Law, 600 West Fourth St., N. Little Rock, AR 72114; (501) 372-3131;

329th Sta Hosp (Shemya Island 1945)--Seeking anyone who witnessed when I severely sprained my ankle while jumping off back of truck at time of Japan's surrender--Harvey A. Binau, Rte 4, Box 124, Tecumseh, OK 74873.

Btry C, 63rd FA bn, 24th Inf Div (Korea 1954)--Seeking anyone to verify combat stressors for PTSD claim. I witnessed drowning of 2 men in Imjin River--Billy D. Hays, Sr, c/o James W. Stanley, Attorney at Law, 600 West Fourth St., N. Little Rock, AR 72114; (501) 372-3131;

2-2-22 Marines or Navy, LST 478 (June 1944)--Seeking anyone to verify while taking on supplies at island of Enewtok atoll Marshall Islands, I was hurt falling in water off of door of LST. I was taken to destroyer, white-taped up and taken back to LST, before we invaded Guam--George E. Woryk, 6 E. Caldwell Ave., New Castle, PA 16102; (724) 652-5995.

1st Mar Div, 1st Rgt, 3rd Bn, Item Co, 3rd Machine Gum Sq (Aug 5, 1952)--Seeking anyone to verify when Item Co was hit. I received head wounds and was evacuated to hospital ship USS Repose--Raymond (Raider) Carlson, POBox 939, Wofford Hts, CA 93285; (760) 376-6337.

826th Tank Bn (Hammelburg, Ger APO 36) March 1955-Nov 1956--Seeking anyone, esp Capt Bobby S. Griffin, who remembers me and the accident I had while loading grease pit covers onto a 6X6. This was just before the IG inspection and I slipped on the ice, injuring my face--James "Jim" Sellner, POBox 141482, Anchorage, AK 99514-1482.

2019th Ord Maint Co (Naples-Fogia & Rome-Arno, 1944-45)-Seeking anyone to substantiate claim for PTSD, esp `Red' Faust, Bentley, Beaulis, Anderson, Patterson or Edwards--Clyde Callahan, 611 5th St., Harlan, Iowa 51537.

Saigon 1966--Seeking anyone to verify combat-related stressors for PTSD claim. I witnessed Buddist monks burning themselves, as well as a bombing incident that occurred at the International Hotel in Saigon--Steve Pierce, c/o James W. Stanley, Attorney at Law, 600 West Fourth St., N. Little Rock, AR 72114; (501) 372-3131;
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