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Reunion Solutions Press.

Reunion Solutions Press

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Three excellent books by Dina C. Carson and Risa J. Johnson provide reunion planners and partiers with plenty of planning detail. Any who regularly entertain, whether it be for parties or fundraisers, anniversaries or get-togethers, will find CELEBRATION SOLUTIONS (0972497560, $26.95) an excellent guide: it advocates theme party plans with many ideas for different types of functions, from work-related corporate parties to luncheons, graduations, proms and more, and it covers everything from ambiance and colors to suggestions for invitations, decorations, menus and entertainment--right down to souvenirs and party favors. Each celebration also receives fund raising tips in addition to all the other details, lest the occasion be geared to raising funds for charities or other. The weighty REUNION SOLUTIONS (0972497595, $26.95) tells how to do more than organize a simple reunion: it covers all the basics from setting up a committee and choosing location to managing crowds, money, coming up with fresh new themes, and more. All details down to memory books and souvenirs--including publicizing the event--are covered in a guide which also uses the Internet to advantage, from making a web site to posting memories. If you think all the details are easy, think again: there's over 500 pages to the main book--and a sequel, REUNION SOLUTIONS PLANNER (0972497587, $24.95), which compiles all instructions into a series of checklists, task planners, and ledger-type record-keeping which make it easy to organize. Contracts are even a part of the event planning stage. The whole package is unbeatable and highly recommended for any who regularly plan events and wish to be more organized.
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Title Annotation:Celebration Solutions; Reunion Solutions; Reunion Solutions Planner; book review
Author:Donovan, Diance C.
Publication:MBR Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Nov 1, 2005
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