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Return of the Phantom Pant Bandit.

WWE RAW VS SMACKDOWN 2011 (360) USUALLY when I get a wrestling game to review I start whimsically recalling the bygone days of Wrestlemania on the arcade when I bunked off school to play it at the local shop.

The magic and soap opera may not be the same but the games are still great.

Computer games based on such absurdities as ladder matches and the Royal Rumble just cannot possibly fail.

Especially not in this day and age of glorious graphics, sophisticated gameplay and more customization than you could swing a cat at.

There's a ridiculous amount of match-up options, excellent scenarios and storylines, and a user friendly online experience.

Did I mention over 70 wrestlers all with their own signature moves? You get the point - it's all Y here in abundance and the truth is that it's a cracking game and a riot whether on your own, in a room with your pals or playing Crazy Hans from Sweden.

I created, as usual, my lime green Spandex superstar The Phantom Pant Bandit.

I'm not sure Hans knew what to make of him.

This game will continue to sell by the boatload. Kids love wrestling, and dads love wrestling, too.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Nov 7, 2010
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