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Return of King Con!

Jimmy Wilson thought he was made when he won a massive compensation payout from the Government over a land deal.

Former demolition man Jimmy had the biggest-ever claim against the Scottish Office when they drove the M74 extension through his Kenmuir Farm at Mount Vernon, on the outskirts of Glasgow.

But now he is battling to hold on to the cash - for he is the latest target of KING CON John Entwistle.

Crooked Entwistle is behind an amazing pounds 14 MILLION court claim against Jimmy.

But this is not the first time the 60-year-old fraudster has struck.

Five years ago, Entwistle fronted a bogus pounds 250 MILLION leisure-development scam, claiming it had the backing of a mega-rich Saudi prince.

He also conned the Archbishop of Canterbury out of pounds 12,000.

He was last jailed for smuggling arms-sensitive computer components behind the Iron Curtain.

Now he is demanding 15 per cent of Jimmy Wilson's assets.

Entwistle wants a share of a building- materials stockpile he values at more than pounds 90 MILLION.

He is also demanding 15 per cent of Jimmy's pounds 2 million compensation payout.

Last night Mr Wilson said: "Entwistle conned and lied his way into my life when he heard about my claim.

"He told me he was a man of God, and I took him into my home.

"I fed him and bought him new clothes."

Mr Wilson, who openly admits he can't read or write, says he was totally taken in by Entwistle's lies.

Jimmy, 62, said: "I did not know a thing about Entwistle's background.

"Now I feel a right bloody idiot. I know I have lost scores of friends and contacts because of it.

"After all the pressure I was put under, I suffered a massive heart attack six months ago.

"It was touch and go for me, but it made me see the light in more ways than one, and I told Entwistle where to get off."

Jimmy's family even placed banners in full view of the busy M74 motorway to let the world know how they all feel about Entwistle.

The crook instructed top Glasgow lawyers Tilson MacLaurin to begin court proceedings against Mr Wilson, claiming 15 per cent of his payout from the Scottish Office.

Entwistle initially won an interim interdict preventing Jimmy Wilson selling his stockpile of sandstone, bricks and topsoil at his re- cycling plant.

Just five years ago, we revealed that jailbird Entwistle was the frontman for a pounds 250 MILLION development scheme in the Kilpatrick Hills near Clydebank.

The silver-tongued liar claimed a mega-rich Saudi prince was backing the lavish scheme to turn the Kilpatrick Hills into a giant leisure park.

But when the Sunday Mail contacted Prince Khalid, he said his family had nothing to do with the plan and were furious their names were being used.

A struck-off lawyer, and another jailbird were also involved, and the doomed scheme left a trail of debts and devastation in its wake.

Crippled farmer Donald Buchanan said: "I was offered more than pounds 2 MILLION for my farm, and I bought another wee place on the strength of it all.

"But the offer from the Kilpatrick Estates lot never materialised, and I lost a fortune.

"It took me months and months to sell the farm, and eventually I virtually had to give it away for around a tenth of what I had been offered."

When we confronted brazen Entwistle, he had the cheek to maintain HE was also a victim of the Kilpatrick Hills sting.

And he pleaded: "Give a man a break.

"You've already had one pop at me over the Kilpatrick scheme ... I lost more than pounds 28,000 on that myself.

"All I'm doing now is claiming what I'm owed. Despite it all, I still consider Jimmy Wilson a friend. It's just business.

"I worked hard and acted as a consultant for three years to help Jimmy Wilson prepare his claim. I'm confident of winning what I'm due. Please give me a break.

"It's hard for a man my age to get a job. All I want is to work away as best I can."

The Archbishop of Canterbury handed over pounds 12,000 when Entwistle and a sidekick claimed he could free hostage envoy Terry Waite in Lebanon.

More recently, Entwistle has been courting favour with Scotland's Catholic Church leader, Cardinal Thomas Winning.

Church spokesman, Father Tom Connolly said: "Mr Entwistle did attempt to offer his services regarding finance and property.

"But I believe he has now been told we do not wish to take up any of his offers."
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Author:Scott, Report Marion
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 18, 1996
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