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Retroviruses conference: Web coverage.

The following sites have important information from the 9th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, Seattle, February 24-28, 2002. And you may want to check back, as most of them will post additional reports in the future.

Note: if one of the links given below does not work, it may be because the site has been reorganized since this article was published. In that case you may still be able to find the information by starting at the home page of the site and looking from there. For example, in case does not work, try starting at, look for a section on reports from conferences, then look for the 9th Retroviruses conference. Usually these reports remain online for about a year. (The official conference Web site.)

The most useful information on this site is:

(1) Audio, video, and slides from the major plenary and symposium overview talks and panels (but not from the many technical sessions where new data were presented). There were still some computer glitches as we went to press.

(2) Searchable abstracts of both oral and poster talks. You can search for all abstracts that contain any given word -- including an author's last name, a drug name or medical term, or the abstract number if you know it. To search the abstracts, first make sure you are at the 9th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (the site will change for next year's meeting), and select "Search Program and Abstracts."

(3) Many of the presentations will also have posters online. The posters have much more information than the abstracts, but there is no software available to do a computer search on them. These posters are usually formatted for display in a poster hall, but it is possible to read them online.

The Body has many expert summaries of different research areas presented at the Retroviruses conference.

This site has many conference articles, along with other news reports.

Medscape has dozens of expert reviews. (The first time you use the Medscape site you need to register, but registration is free.)

Reports from the National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project.

A major HIV site run by the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. The Retroviruses coverage is currently at:

Medical Advocates, a nonprofit organization, has grouped some of the abstracts and posters by drug or other topic.
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