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Retrofit system to reduce [NO.sub.x] particulate matter. (Emissions Technology).

Fleetguard Emission Solutions and its partner Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls, a division of Cummins West Inc., the Cummins engine distributor for northern and central California, have announced the availability of their first California Air Resources Board (GARB) verified exhaust emissions retrofit product. The Longview system is an active single module that is designed to reduce both [NO.sub.x] and PM simultaneously.

"The Longview system offers an ideal solution for diesel retrofit," said John Egan, sales and marketing manager for Cleaire. "It reduces emissions downstream of the engine, enabling us to apply our core system across multiple engine makes and models. This offers the opportunity for widespread deployment. The system requires no changes or modifications to the engine or additives such as urea or ammonia."

Cleaire has partnered with GM Group (OMG) to utilize the company's proprietary catalyst technologies in the Longview system. OMG provides Cleaire an advanced [NO.sub.x] reduction catalyst and catalyzed diesel particulate filter, which are packaged in the Longview system. These technologies work in combination to reduce [NO.sub.x], PM, CO and HC.

"The partnership with Cleaire is the ideal way for OMG to participate in the retrofit market," said Bill Staron, vice president and general manager at OMG. "Cleaire has tremendous capabilities arid resources with regard to system integration, manufacturing and distribution, which allows OMG to focus on supplying our core technologies. Together we believe we provide a superior solution for the diesel retrofit emission control market."

The Longview system is available through Fleetguard Emission Solutions, which offers installation capacity and product support through the Cummins distribution network.

The Longview system, which weighs approximately 106 lb., is CARB certified for on-road use on the International DT 466 and Cummins MI i engines. Work is underway to allow its applicationto other engines.

The [NO.sub.x] reduction catalyst (NRC) uses diesel fuel as a reducing agent to catalytically remove the [NO.sub.x] from the exhaust stream. The diesel particulate filter (DPF) then reduces PM, HC, and CO. Emissions reductions depend on engine and duty cycle. The use of diesel fuel as a reducing agent promotes [NO.sub.x] removal without causing power loss, the company said, nor does it require a separate chemical reagent.

Cleaire packages the catalysts in its proprietary FlexBase design that enables each order to be assembled individually, allowing the system to accommodate a number of different configurations and applications. The Longview system uses Cleaire's Monitor Logger Controller (MLC) to monitor the health of the system, log critical data, and control system functions. This monitor-controller determines the amount of diesel fuel to inject. The diesel fuel is drawn from the vehicle's fuel supply pressurized, filtered and sent to a cooled fuel injector mounted in the exhaust system.

The injected fuel reacts with the exhaust gas to remove the [NO.sub.x]. The heat from the combustion reaction increases the oxidation rate of the PM inside the DPF, resulting in regeneration. This function also keeps exhaust backpressure at acceptable levels, the company said. The DPF features a silicon carbide construction for durability. The DPF is also catalyzed to eliminate any unreacted diesel fuel.

The Longview system is designed for 1994 to 2001 model year four-stroke diesel engines with a duty cycle that pro- vides exhaust gas temperatures greater than 500[degrees]F (260[degrees]C) for more than 25 percent of the cycle. Maintenance includes annual de-ash of the DPF system and inspection. The system has been verified by GARB to reduce PM by 85 percent, while simultaneously reducing [NO.sub.x] by 25 percent when used with ultra-low sulfur diesel. The unit has a modular design to facilitate installation and maintenance and is intended as a muffler replacement unit. As it is configured, the Longview simply replaces the muffler on diesel-powered vehicles.

"Retrofitting will result an immediate improvements in air quality," said Kevin Shanahan, president of Cleaire. "We are very proud to have a system that maintains the efficiency and reliability of diesel engines while addressing our concerns about air quality and health."

Cleaire began producing the Longview in the fall of 2001. It has been installed in California on approximately 60 vehicles in several applications operated by Caltrans, the AC Transit and County Connection bus fleets in Alameda and Contra Costa counties and the Samtrans bus system in San Mateo County. It also is in use on dump trucks, refuse trucks and long-haul trucks.

"We are very impressed with the performance of the Longview, but were even more impressed with the ease and quality of installation," said Scott Mitchell, maintenance manager at County Connection. "The system fits seamlessly with the vehicle, and has minimal effect on engine efficiency."

The partnership between Fleetguard and Cleaire has also been critical in the development of the Longview system, according to Amy Boerger, director of retrofit sales and marketing for Fleerguard Emission Solutions. "We have been working with Cleaire to make sure that this product meets the same reliability and durability standards that our other products do," said Boerger. "And while we're excited about this announcement, it is only the first step of verification that will follow for other engines. We see the applicability of this product being extremely broad as we expand the verification."

In addition to the Longview system, Fleetguard Emission Solutions retrofit product line also includes diesel oxidation catalysts, diesel particulate filters, stationary SCR systems, and Cleaire's Flash and Match and Flash and Catch products.

"This system fits well with the rest of our retrofit product portfolio, and we are already seeing enthusiasm for the Longview system from our customers," said Boerger. "We look forward to announcing more retrofit products in the near future."

Cleaire is also developing other products to address specific segments of the diesel engine population, and expects verification of these emission control systems later this year. *

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