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Colonel Keith Bell, Commander, Mission Support Group, 1st Wing, Langley AFB VA.

Colonel Ed Jones, Executive Director of Resources, HQ DeCA, Ft Lee, VA.

Colonel Darrell P. Wagner, Comptroller, HQ AIA/FM, Lackland AFB TX

Ms Nancy Wells Drury, GS-15, Director of Policy and Contract Support, SAF/FMP, The Pentagon, Washington, DC (24 years of service).

Mr Jack D. Farinelli, GS-15, Deputy Assistant Auditor General, Support and Personnel Audits Directorate, Brooks City-Base TX (31 years of service).

11 WG

Zarr, Jan, 11 WG/FMA


Campbell, John, GS-11, 53 WG/FMA, Eglin AFB FL

Clay, Karen, SMSgt; 9 CPTS/FMS, Beale AFB CA

Combes, Maria, MSgt; 53 WG/FMA, Eglin AFB FL

Conner, Arlene, GS-5, 2 CPTS/CCS, Barksdale AFB LA

James, Van, SMSgt; HQ ACC/FMF, Langley AFB VA

Ramirez, Laura O., MSgt; 1 CPTS/FMF, Langley AFB VA

Sibayan, Wilfred A., GS-5, 1 CPTS/FMF, Langley AFB VA

Stuart, Dorothy, SMSgt; 509 CPTS/CCS Whiteman AFB MO

Torres, Luis E., MSgt; 12 AF/FM, Davis-Monthan AFB AZ

Wheatle, Mabel, GS-11; HQ ACC/FMA, Langley AFB VA


Cappel, Blaine, Lackland AFB TX

Jimenez, Al., GS-12; HQ AETC, Randolph AFB TX

Paulk, William, Lt Col, Tyndall AFB FL

Ramsey, Byron, Lackland AFB TX


Bednar, John T., GS-14; Wright-Patterson AFB OH

Collins, Justin S., GS-12; Keesler AFB MS

Gilbert, Myrna L., GS-12; Randolph AFB TX

Guy, Mervin L., GS-12; Peterson AFB CO

Knapp, John F., GS-13; Lackland AFB TX

Rees, Rosalind A., GS-13; March ARB CA

Sharp, William D., GS-12; Hill AFB UT

Singleton, Walter, R. Jr., GS-12; Langley AFB VA


Coolley, Sally, GS-12; OO-ALC/FMHLG

Gable, Brenda, GS-14; AFRL/FM

Herford, Dan, SMSgt; OC-ALC/FM-1

Herget, Karen, to GS-12; AEDC/FMH

Kite, Larae, GS-11; OO-ALC/FMHLG

Linnehan, Robert, GS-12; ESC/ACX

Martin, Delbert, GS-12; OO-ALC/FMA

McClune, Jo Ann, GS-11; OO-ALC/FMHMAKW

Morgan, Charlotte, GS-07; OC-ALC/FMFL

Waddoups, William, GS-12; OOALC/FMHLG

Walton, Barbara, GS-13; WR-ALC/FMA

Wells, Gordon, GS-14; AFRL/FM

Whitaker, Quinn, GS-07, OO-ALC/FMFL


Dickerson, Mark, SMSgt; 927 ARW/FM


Bauer, Kimberly, SMSgt; 460 CPTF/FM, Buckley AFB CO

Ferguson, Kay, GS-12; SMC, Los Angeles AFB CA

Morioka, Cal, GS-14; SMC, Los Angeles AFB CA

Norder, Nancy, GS-12; SMC, Los Angeles AFB CA

Umetsu, Loretta, GS-14; SMC, Los Angeles AFB CA

Urban, John, GS-14; SMC, Los Angeles, AFB CA


Wimmler, David A., MSgt; 16 CPTS/FMFC, Hurlburt Fld FL


Aldrich, Jo Anne, MSgt; 22 CPTS/FMA, McConnell AFB KS

Holtswarth, Richard T., TSgt; 22 CPTS/FMFS, McConnell AFB KS

Jackson, Robert B., MSgt; 375 CPTS/FMFS, Scott AFB IL

McMeans, Michael R., MSgt; 22 CPTF/FMQ, McConnell AFB KS

Timmerman, Bernard D., GS-12; 6 CPTS/FMA, MacDill AFB FL


Currier, David, SMSgt; 3 CPTS/FMS, Elmendorf AFB AK


Ward, Joseph M. Jr., Lt Col; AFAFO/FMFF

Weber, Michael G., GS-14; SAF/FMPB
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Date:Oct 1, 2003
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